The property market turned to Hong Kong Island Green House Green Table lost two goals

Tsuen Wan Tung Lam Court 1.97 million 2 months down 23%

The property market slammed the police, and the subsidized housing that once collapsed, the property price rose sharply and quickly. Hong Kong Island East Home House Donglin Court lost 2 balls. The green watch sold for only 1.97 million yuan. This is the second-hand home in Hong Kong this year. The “first word" transaction at the head of the house is 23% lower than the similar transaction price in June. It is expected that the cost of the remaining HOS flats will be under pressure.

According to the latest provisional figures released by the Housing Authority, in August this year, 55 transactions in the second market of HOS and public housing (green meter and unpaid land price) were temporarily recorded in Hong Kong. This was the same period after the 45 cases recorded in October last year.

Gao Junyuan made a low of 6940 yuan for three years

The public housing HOS flats that have risen to the top this month have fallen back last month and recorded at least 2 ultra-low-priced transactions. Among them, a group of low-rise units in the Donglin Court of Tsuen Wan, with a saleable area of ​​215 square meters, changed hands only to 1.97 million yuan, equivalent to a practical price of 9163 yuan. The housing estate recorded the same area in June this year, which was recorded as a middle-level unit. At that time, the construction cost was 2.56 million yuan, and the practical price was 11907 yuan. It was only 2 months before and after. The current low-level selling price was 590,000 yuan or 23%. .

It is worth mentioning that the cost of the above-mentioned Tung Lam Court is not only the lowest in this year, but also the second-hand home ownership in Hong Kong (excluding the outlying islands). This is the first time this year that it has lost $2 million. Since the Tung Lam Court is a HOS flat in Hong Kong Island, it has always been more resilient. This time, wearing 2 balls, the second-hand construction price of the New Territories homes will increase the pressure.

According to the information of the Housing Authority, there is a large unit in Ko Tang Estate, which has a large price of $6,940, which is a new low for the past three years. The agent in the district revealed that the unit was 16 rooms on the lower floor of Block E of Ko Chun Court. The saleable area was 634 square feet. The unit involved the “seven-press". In July this year, it was released through the second market. The asking price was 4.8 million yuan and was eventually reduced to 4.4 million yuan. The green watch was sold, and the practical price was 6,940 yuan, which was the lowest price of the housing estate after August 2016.

Looking up the information, Gao Junyuan recorded the transaction in the same area in July, which was a middle-level household. The transaction price was 5.2 million yuan, only one month before and after, and the current low-level flat sold 800,000 or 14.4%. According to the data, the original owner bought it for 1.171 million yuan in 1996 and mortgaged the property to different finance companies for 7 times from September 2017 to July 1018, with a total loan of 7.02 million yuan.

Baolin Village is 25% 2.22 million

Tseung Kwan O public housing has just recorded a price reduction. Wei Shiliang, manager of the 21st Century Tseung Kwan O District, revealed that the 34th floor of the Baolin Building in Baolin Village was practically 355 square meters. The original owner’s green watch was called 2.98 million, and the accumulated 25% was sold at 2.22 million yuan. The practical price was 6254 yuan. The K-room of the 7th floor of the Fukang Garden in the same district, with a saleable area of ​​431 square meters, is unilaterally looking at the park view of the bicycle park. It was purchased by Green Watch for 48.30 million yuan. The practical price is 11206 yuan, which is higher than the 7-seat high-rise K room. The monthly transaction price of the household fell by 120,000 yuan.

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