Hong Kong people estimate that property prices have fallen for one year

The property market is in a downturn

Citibank announced the survey on the intention of Hong Kong people in the third quarter. More than half of the respondents estimated that property prices will fall in the next 12 months. The proportion of “light friends" has doubled quarter by quarter, the highest this year. . At the same time, the number of people who are very or not interested in home ownership has risen to 51%.

According to Citi’s survey, more than half of the respondents estimated that property prices in Hong Kong will fall in the next 12 months

The above survey interviewed more than 500 people in August, reflecting that the pessimism in property prices has continued to heat up since the beginning of the year. The expected price increase is only 18%, which is similar to the fourth quarter of last year, which is 24% lower than the peak of the first quarter of this year.

Young people want to buy a building

In the third quarter, only 20% of respondents were very interested or interested in home ownership, down 5 percentage points quarter-to-quarter. It is worth noting that the proportion of the “21 to 29″ and “30 to 44″ age groups is 24% and 28% respectively, reflecting that the young respondents are more interested in buying their own homes.

The public’s bleak property price ratio has surged

As for the people who think that the current is a bad or a bad time, the proportion is still as high as 68%, only a quarter of a quarter. As for the ratio that is considered good or excellent, it continues to be low, only 3%, and is less than 5% for eight consecutive quarters.

Jiahu price is low 8529 this year

Li Guizhuang, head of retail banking at Citibank, said that many people expect property prices to continue to fall, but the overall intentions for home ownership have not changed significantly. Among the respondents under the age of 44, they still maintain a high interest in entering the market. It is recommended that members of the public should comprehensively assess their financial situation and burden, budget on their own financial capacity, and choose a mortgage plan that meets their needs.

As a matter of fact, many owners have reservations about the market outlook. Recently, they have reduced their prices and caused a drop in prices in various blue-chip housing estates. Zhongyuan Duguan said that the top-level silver main plate of Lihuju, Jiahu Mountain Villa, Tianshuiwei, has a practical area of ​​1,407 square meters. It is a duplex-style roof-top household. It is designed by four-bedroom, including double suites and storage rooms. With a total of 12 million yuan, the price is only 8,529 yuan. The price of the project is a low this year, and the same type of unit sold 14 million yuan in April last year.

Laguna City three rooms fell below 10 million

It is understood that the above-mentioned Jiahu Villa has a price of 14.5 million yuan for sale in July of the same year. Last year, the highest price was reversed to 16 million yuan. Although the unit has an open view, the interior decoration is dilapidated, and it is expected to be refurbished before it can be accommodated. The agent in the district pointed out that with the expansion of the owners, the estate had recorded three consecutive transactions on a single day yesterday, driving more than 30 cases in September.

Even in urban areas with strong resilience, prices are also under pressure. Zhongyuan Hong Jinxing said that the H-room of the middle floor of Block 12, Ligang City, Chaguoling, has a usable area of ​​748 square meters. Since May this year, the price of the “three-bedroom" unit has been stabilized at more than 10 million yuan, but the site is only 9.8 million yuan was sold out, and the price was 13,102 yuan.

The project recorded 9 transactions this month, which has been tied to the monthly level of the previous month. The average practical price has dropped by about 5% to 13,901 yuan per month.

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