Public Housing Explosive Drainage Department

Public housing pipe leaking and bursting compensation is difficult to climb the sky!

In the past three years, the Housing Authority has received about 1,900 tenant claims. Some Members of the Legislative Council have said that one third of them are related to bursting, leakage or obstruction of water pipes or pipes, but only about 4% in three years. Seven cases were compensated, and the number was small. There were only two years of public housing tenants’ occupation. The cracks in the home suddenly burst and the manure overflowed the whole house. The smell was smoky and the whole house furniture was scrapped. The loss was heavy, but the public bank did not receive any compensation. Members have bombarded the Housing Department and dismissed the complaints. They did not face up to the problem of public housing aging.

Ms. A’s home dung was suddenly bursting, and the manure overflowed the whole house, stinking

In the past six months, members of the Legislative Council have received four complaints about the loss caused by the bursting of the canal. Some cases have been claimed for a year and a half. All of them have not been compensated after the investigation by the notary public. Ms. A said that after the incident of the blasting canal, the family members were worried that the sputum would not know when to explode again. The spirit was so troubled, and the mother was more depressed and needed to see a psychiatrist. Another tenant, Ms. Li’s toilet, was blasted in the salt water channel late at night, causing flooding up to nine centimeters, immersing the whole house furniture, floor tiles and wall. The ground continued to seep out sticky and smell, and it was washed with hot water every day. The floor affects the daily life of two young children.

Member of Parliament has not properly monitored the notary bank

As early as 2009, the Ombudsman has criticized the Housing Department for neglecting social responsibilities in respect of claims, failing to properly monitor the notary bank and proposing 11 recommendations. However, the HD did not learn from the lessons and made improvements. The problem remains.

Members of the Legislative Council have criticized the Housing Department for being unloaded. The owners who have not accepted the tenancy of 800 000 public housing tenants should have social responsibilities. They should only hand over the matter to the notary public. They should not properly monitor the notary public and ignore the complaints. Just blindly follow the advice of the notary bank and refuse compensation.

Ms. Lee’s home was blasted by salt water channels, causing flooding up to nine centimeters and immersing the entire house.

Members also pointed out that whether it is a water mains, a drain or a canal, it is a structural facility of the building. The inspection and maintenance are the responsibility of the HD. The tenants cannot check the use of the flat pipe by themselves. The two victims suffered damage to the whole house due to blockage or leakage of the pipes. However, the notary bank often quoted unreasonable clauses as “shield” and did not compensate.

Promote direct processing of claims

He suggested that the HD should directly handle and investigate the application for claims of public housing tenants, bear the role of determining who is responsible and compensation, instead of shirking the responsibility to the notary public. At the same time, it should formulate a timetable for investigating claims and actively assist the tenants in making claims. And provide clear guidelines for claims.

The Housing Authority responded that as the manager and the owner’s duties, the public liability insurance for the properties under their jurisdiction will be arranged. The insurance company will commission an independent third party notary to investigate the public’s claims. If there is fire, water, salt water or water overflow. Or other incidents causing personal injury or damage to household property. After investigation, it is confirmed that the insurance company will be responsible for compensation caused by the negligence of the staff of the association or the outsourcing company. Otherwise, the association will not be liable for the accident and its possible damage. responsibility.

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