The consortium’s 17.11 million additional purchase of 2 old buildings in Wan Chai

The redevelopment value of the old buildings in the urban area, Rongli Building, Chunyuan Street, Wanchai, about 53 years old, was recently funded by the consortium for a total of 171,000 yuan

According to the EPRC economic real estate database, two transactions were recorded in Rongli Building, 32 to 40 Chunchun Street.

The residential purchase price was 7.524 million to 95.81 million yuan, and the purchase price was about 22,000 to 23,500 yuan

The consortium has accumulated a total of about 450 million yuan to acquire property units, and it is estimated that it has held nearly 80% of the ownership of the project. The people behind the market have the highest voices in the New World (00017).

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