In the riot conflict, the purchasing power of the speculators in the exit area gradually became dry

The Kangzhen MARINI system accounted for 56% of the 178 people in a single day

The new battle was unveiled on September 5th, and the GRAND MARINI, Tseung Kwan O, Tseung Kwan O, under the prelude of Wheelock Real Estate, was subject to a number of unfavorable factors such as interest rate hikes and escalation of riots, as well as the purchasing power of the region. Slow and hot. The project launched 182 groups of about 133 people for the first time yesterday, accounting for 73%, and cashed out 1.17 billion yuan. The proportion is expected to be the worst in the 6 years after the new case in Kangcheng District. Together with the 136 people who sold MARINI synchronously yesterday, they sold 45 people. The two shipments only sold about 178 people on the whole day, accounting for 56% of the 318 partners. According to the industry, the property market has been hit hard, and many investors have already received money to retreat. The property market relies on users to support the market, and the new market is the glory of the day.

GRAND MARINI and MARINI of the company’s GRAND MARINI and MARINI yesterday smashed the shuanglong to the sea, respectively, pushing 182 groups and the second round of 136 gangs, respectively, and received 1,400 votes and 4,200 votes before the sale. At the meeting, GRAND MARINI was scheduled to be sold at 2:30 pm, and the two groups were selected by A and B. The group A was the first to pick up the building. The atmosphere was good. The lobby was once alive. The market estimated that more than 50 guests were present. 40 people were subscribed. After that, it is the turn of Group B, which is generally regarded as a playful meat. The developer will split the B group into several sections, and there will be a small number of people in each section. It will not be a grand event in Kangcheng District. The meeting announced that a total of 133 groups in the two groups were subscribed, accounting for 73%. In fact, the sales were not bad, but compared with other new games in the same district, the first day sales ratio is expected to be after the new case of Kangcheng District. The worst year.

Romantic male buy love nest on the spot to propose

Although the sales situation is slow, but there is a touching scene on the spot. According to the agent, after a romantic male buyer successfully bought the unit, he immediately proposed to marry his girlfriend on the spot. The agent and the buyer immediately greeted with a warm blessing, and his girlfriend was moved to cry.

It is reported that the romantic man bought Groom MARINI’s 2B high-rise room B, with a practical area of ​​522 square meters, 2 rooms separated, Shenghui 7.9 million yuan.

In addition, MARII sold 134 people in the second round yesterday, and relayed at 5 pm. According to market news, the project estimated about 45 people. In the two phases, a total of 178 people were sold throughout the day, accounting for 56%.

Market participants believe that due to unfavorable factors such as riots, Sino-US trade wars, leading bank interest rate hikes, and multiple pushes, GRAND MARINI’s sales are expected, plus the site was consumed in Kangcheng District before yesterday. With 1600 purchasing power, the purchasing power is almost drained, and the purchasing power is saved when needed. In another city, MARINI sold 45 gangs. The developer announced that it sold 490 gangs, accounting for over 77% of the units available for sale, and cashing over 3.71 billion yuan. Together with GRAND MARINI, a total of 4.88 billion yuan was cashed out.

steal some customers

Chen Yongjie, vice president and head of the residential division of Centaline Property Asia, said that due to the recent competition from many new ones, Nanchang Station has a large new disk (ie, Huiyi III), which has the opportunity to steal some of the above-mentioned new discs. The source of the unit, coupled with the market relying on the use of family strength, sales speed is inevitable.

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