Pushing the rent plan without hindering public housing supply

The new policy address has a lot of questions about the housing problem, but it is only the problem of selling the “Tenants Purchase Scheme"

Chief Executive Officer Lin Zhengyue responded to questions from netizens on Facebook live yesterday, stressing that the waiting time for public rental housing is long, and it is not feasible to re-sell renting.

Mr Lam also said: “Someone has already lived in public housing. The environment has improved. Should we make a good living as a landlord or a poor public? This is obviously the latter."

Some netizens worry that the government will sell more than 40,000 rented surplus units or affect the property market

Lin Zheng responded that he understands that the public thinks that housing is a matter of justice and justice. Special consideration is also given when formulating policies. She also clarified that the expedited sale of rented flats does not affect the existing public housing supply as it involves only 39 unsold flats which have been sold in tenancy estates.

After the annual policy address, the special first day attended the radio smoke program to respond to the public’s problems. However, this year, due to the cancellation of the amendments, Lin Zheng changed the collection of Internet users in the platforms such as fb, Lian Deng and Baby Kingdom, and last night fb official website. Answer in the live broadcast.

Say any good policy will be considered

For the report, one-off life subsidy was introduced, and rent subsidy was provided in disguise to help non-public housing non-CSSA recipients who were waiting for public housing. Mr Lam stressed that any policy that is beneficial will be considered. “(The rent allowance) will be considered together with the rent control." She also pointed out that it is impossible to make up for the public’s waiting for the introduction of rent subsidy. However, since housing supply is difficult to upgrade in the short term, it is also necessary to consider how to assist the public.

Lin Zheng said frankly that he is not worried about the increase in the rental market, but he cannot be worried because he will not be treated if he needs help.

Mrs Lam also repeatedly responded to the anti-reform incident last night. When asked how to ensure that the public would not be treated unreasonably by the police, she stressed that she hoped that the public would understand that the police have the responsibility to maintain law and order. They should not be pre-emptive. They also hope that law enforcement officers should not have to the demonstrators. Main viewing method. Lin Zheng said that she had learned from the police high level that she also believed that police officers need to be able to be recognized, but involved different methods, such as the number in the helmet, but admitted that in the conflict, there is a chance that they cannot be seen or can not be seen. Present the certificate of appointment.

Da Nang walked out of the dilemma early and became peaceful and inclusive

Regarding how to calm the society, Lin Zheng said that she, like the public, hopes to get out of the dilemma as soon as possible and make Hong Kong back to peace and tolerance. But stressing that tolerance for violence will encourage relevant behaviors and that work needs everyone to do it together, but the biggest responsibility lies. The government has powers such as law enforcement.

At the question and answer session of the Legislative Council yesterday, the DAB Liu Guoxun also asked about the current situation. He hoped that the Chief Executive would provide assistance to the police officers’ families. In response to the Government’s efforts to make the community work, I also thank the Police for their efforts in the past four months. The Government will continue to support the Police in its enforcement. It has also co-ordinated the Police Force’s work internally and said that the Privacy Commissioner has been involved in the Police Force’s family. Acting on the ground and applying for a temporary injunction to limit the nuisance of the Police Quarters. The Government will also examine whether the legislation needs to be strengthened.

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