This quarter’s luxury residential transaction rose 47%

Affected by the Sino-US trade war, the global economic slowdown, and uncertainties such as local political events, Bu Shaoming, chief executive of the United States Residential Department, said that benefiting from the relaxation of the building will be activated by the change of the building chain

Continued, it is expected that the turnover of more than 30 million luxury homes in this quarter can challenge 250 cases, up 47% from the third quarter.

Affected by vacant taxes, the company will speed up the sale of luxury homes and increase incentives, such as providing attractive payment methods, which will lead to an increase in luxury residential transactions

In September, more than 30 million new discs sold 115, a nearly six-fold increase from August and a 13-month high.

The senior regional business director of the Midland, Luo Wenzhao, said that due to trade wars and social events, the property market sentiment weakened

Over 30 million units of transactions fell to 170 in the previous quarter, down more than 46% from the second quarter. , making trading more slow than the market.

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