HSI plunged 394 points Real estate stocks Controversy spread Shopping mall closed Situation turmoil

The Yuen Long murder attacked the public at the West Rail Station

Many districts circulated yesterday and there were violent incidents at any time. The political and economic situation in Hong Kong deteriorated. In addition, the chances of a half-year interest rate cut at the end of this month have plummeted. The performance of A-shares is also poor. Under the three major negative factors, the Hang Seng Index opened lower and closed lower yesterday, plunging nearly 400 points, closing at 28,371 points, and losing 100 antennas (now about 28,642 points). A number of shopping malls and shops in the New Territories West were worried about the law and order. They closed the store early yesterday. Local property stocks and rent-taking shares were obviously under pressure.

Nine places fell more than 3%

At 1:30 in the morning, the night reported 28,380 points, up 7 points, and high water 9 points. The ADR Hong Kong stock index closed at 28,345 points, 26 points lower than the Hong Kong market.

After the Hang Seng Index opened lower by 153 points yesterday, it was repeated at a low level. The Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, made a response to the protests in the Western District at 3 pm and the rioters in Yuen Long. To the all-day low of 28,303 points, the closing price narrowed slightly, to 28,371 points, down 394 points (1.37%), the transaction continued to be low, only 67.7 billion yuan. The H-Share Index lost 139 points (1.28%) and closed at 10,770 points. Although Hong Kong stocks were weak, Beishui still inflows. Hong Kong Stock Connect recorded a net sweep of HK$1.07 billion; Shanghai Stock Connect has a net purchase of RMB385 million.

The aftermath of the violent incident in Yuen Long on Sunday was not over. It was rumored that many districts or mobs attacked the public yesterday. Many shopping malls and shops in Yuen Long and Tuen Mun District closed the shops early. The market was silent. The Hang Seng Property Sub-Index fell 684 points (1.59%) yesterday. The major shopping malls such as Causeway Bay Times Square and Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour City, which were owned by Wharf Property (01997), were not affected. However, the stock still fell 3.2% to 50.45 yuan yesterday. The worst blue-chip stocks; the new land (00016), which was involved in the demonstrations in its shopping malls, also fell 2.6%; the Link (00823) fell 1.2%. Ctrip International strategist Su Peifeng believes that the recent political events in Japan have little impact on the market, but local rent-taking and retail stocks will be greatly affected.

QDII heavy warehouse sports stock Anta reversed 2%

On the other hand, driven by the news held by QDII heavy warehouses, sports goods stocks made a good against the market, Anta (02020) feared that the waters were chasing after the attack, but still rose nearly 2% yesterday, Li Ning (02331) rose more 2.9 %, closed at 19.92 yuan.

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