HSBC III received more than 470 votes on the first day

After the new listings were launched, the Nanchang Station Huiyu III received the price for the first time

The market reported that it had received more than 470 votes. It has been oversubscribed. It is reported that the subscribers are mainly users.


SHKP III, which was developed on SHKP, received the first day of the day. According to market news, it has received more than 470 votes. The first price list of 235 buddies has been recorded and the oversubscription has been recorded about 1 times. It is reported that the enrollees are using users. Mainly, it is dominated by residents in the vicinity of Kowloon and Nanchang Station. At the same time, some investors intend to purchase small units for renting purposes, and the market is expected to be pushed in the short term and will be sold next week.

In addition, the project continues to open the demonstration units located in the current building, but the visits are not bad, and there are occasional pedestrians.

The project has announced the first price list, involving 235 groups, with an average price of 21,722 yuan. The first unit size ranges from 275 to 1513 square meters. The apartment size covers open to 4 households. The price list is 7.67 million to 5041.9. 10,000, the price of 24985 to 33,324 yuan, after deducting 20% ​​of the basic discount, the discounted price of 6.136 million to 40,335,200.

In addition, the buyer can provide 3 payment methods with a maximum discount of 20%. In addition, there is a discount on the Fans, which means that you can purchase, rent or rent a buyer of I and II. You can enjoy an extra 100,000. Fixed discount. Earn an additional cash discount of up to 2,800 units for up to 2 rooms or less. The two discounts are equal to approximately 1% of the sale price.

The demonstration unit is now flowing

Admission unit 8 Block 6th Floor, Room D, 275 square, is open, with a price of 7.67 million, a discounted price of 6.136 million, and a discounted price of 22,313 yuan. If you calculate the additional Huis Fans discount, etc., the discounted price is 6.056 million, and the discounted price is about 22023 yuan. The highest price is 8 blocks, 28th floor, Room A, 1513 square meters, the discounted price is 40,335,200 yuan, and the price is about 26,659 yuan.

In addition, the company has just launched a new price list, selling 36 groups, 1624 to 1960 square, offering a maximum of 21% discount, the average price of the discount is about 26,000.

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