Recession haze Hong Kong Island second-hand property prices see last year’s low Kang Yi three-bedroom flat two rooms 8.5 million low bank valuation 23%

The economic recession is overshadowed, and the second-hand housing prices have fallen below the support level

The Kangyi Garden in Quarry Bay, which is highly sought after by the middle class, has fallen below the “9-ball" price and returned to the middle level of last year. Room 2, Kingswood Villas, Tin Shui Wai The low is 4.6 million yuan, which is the most flat after January this year. The mini-house in Tsui Ping Garden of Tai Po reproduces the “3 prefix", which is more than one million more than the high level in July this year. Ta Kung Pao reporter Lin Huifang

The property market is full of wait-and-see atmosphere, and the cost is falling

The news pointed out that Kangyi Garden 3 rooms fell to 2 housing prices, just lost 9 million yuan psychological barrier, the transaction unit is the lower 16 rooms of Block D, the practical area of ​​596 square meters, is a 3 bedroom interval, the original owner with 9.5 million yuan on the market, even The price of minus 2 has just been sold out at 8.5 million yuan, which is cheaper than the cost of 2 rooms that changed hands in recent months. It is equivalent to 14262 yuan, and this time the price has returned to the middle level of last year.

Jiahu to 4.6 million eight-month low

According to the online valuation of large banks, the valuation of the above site reached 11.02 million yuan, and the current cost ratio is 2.52 million yuan or 23%. It is worth noting that the agent in the district pointed out that the “Cooking Case" in the Block D of Kornhill Garden had been sensationalized many years ago. The property price has always been low, but the cost of the three-bedroom households changed this time is exaggerated. In fact, the 12-room, high-rise, 12-room, 3-room apartment, with a cost of 10.75 million yuan at the beginning of this year, means that the cost is low.

After picking up the psychological barrier of 5 million yuan in June, the 2-bedroom home has lost its low price of 5 million yuan. The low price of the property is not low. According to the news, investors have been holding a low-rise F. Room, 449 square meters of practical area, just sold to 4.6 million yuan to sell, fell below the low of 4.85 million last month, setting a new low in the whole house after January this year (opening the sale of alternative properties such as a house), real 10245 yuan . Looking up the information, it is located in the F room of the 4th floor of the transaction unit. The area and seat are the same. The transaction price in July this year reached 5.1 million yuan, only one month apart. This time it has fallen below the key of “5 balls". Position, property prices fell by 500,000 yuan, a drop of 9.8%.

This year, I grabbed $5 million in Tsui Ping Garden in Tai Po. I was shocked to see the “3 prefix" transaction. The news pointed out that the low-rise room 07 of Block A of Cuiping Garden has a practical area of ​​262 square meters. The original owner worried about the economic slowdown. The board of the car was the first to bear the brunt of it, and the heart was smashed to 3.98 million yuan. The practical price was 15,191 yuan. The housing prices in the housing market have been at a new low for nearly half a year.

Shenghui is 1.6 million lower than the valuation

The Depot Garden in Ngau Tau Kok also recorded low prices. According to the Land Registry, Room 04, the very low floor of Block E, has a usable area of ​​265 square meters. It was sold for 4.15 million yuan in the middle of last month. The practical price is 15660 yuan, which is 250,000 yuan more than the valuation. The news indicates that the property has the same floor. Haunted house.

Xinjin Housing Estate followed the market down. The news indicated that the 2nd high-end SD room of the 2nd phase of Dawei Mingcheng, with a saleable area of ​​680 square meters, was sold at a price of 11.5 million yuan, which was 1.6 million yuan lower than the valuation of 13.1 million yuan.

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