Tianhou reconstruction project 1.3 billion

the reconstruction project of Tianhou Electric Road No. 68-70, with a site area of about 3,465 square meters, will be built into a 25-storey Ginza-style retail building with a total floor area of approximately 51,954 square meters

The project is sold in the form of a whole building and even a naming right. The intent price is about 1.3 billion yuan, and the price is about 25,000 yuan. It can be sold in the form of shares of the company.

According to the Land Registry, the Albany high-rise households in Mid-Levels were sold for a total of 83.38 million yuan

The market pointed out that since the above site has not been put on the market, and the current price has returned to the level of about eight years ago, it is estimated that it is an internal transfer.

The Quarry Bay Taikoo City recorded 8 transactions this month

The United States Wu Yiji said that the lower-level G unit of the Haixing Pavilion had a saleable area of 580 square feet, with a transaction price of 11.1 million yuan, a price of 19,138 yuan, and a low market price of 10%.

According to market sources, the second-hand market in Yuen Long has recorded at least four property prices in September below the “four-ball" transaction, and is dominated by single buildings. When Zhongyong Fuge Middle-level Household was sold for only 3.96 million yuan, it was calculated with a practical area of 323 square meters, and the price was 12,260 yuan.

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