Recovering 160 hectares of brown land, announced the location at the end of the year, the price mechanism, no intention to change

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In the latest “Policy Report", Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue said that the government will more cite the Land Acquisition Ordinance. The Secretary for Development, Mr Wong Wai-lun, said yesterday that the Planning Department would give priority to reviewing the 160-hectare brownfields which are closer to the existing infrastructure. It will assess the suitable sites for public housing and announce the location of the sites at the end of this year. “Faster, more," but means making good use of public funds, and has no intention of changing the current price mechanism for land resumption. He also revealed that the new advisory group set up in response to the “Land Sharing Pilot Project" is temporarily inclined to include retirees or academics. It will not invite those who have “extraordinary" relationships with the property industry. Reporter: Du Zhanming

The land supply is tight. The Government has stated in the Policy Address that it will expedite the resumption of land resumption under the Lands Resumption Ordinance. The Secretary for Development, Mr Wong Wai-lun, said that the Government would expedite the pace of planning. The Government will lead the planning of land use and infrastructure, and recover the required private land for the purpose of public use. It will also clearly develop public housing, “first place" and related facilities. For planning goals.

Closer to existing infrastructure

He said that there are more than 700 hectares of brownfields in the New Territories that are not currently included in the new development areas or other development projects, which are closer to the existing new towns and major roads, and the larger ones are estimated to be about 450 hectares. The Planning Department will give priority to the review of the 160-hectare brownfields which are closer to the existing infrastructure. It is also considered which sites are suitable for public housing development. The objective is to announce the location of the site at the end of this year in order to initiate further technical assessment and The plan will continue to review the remaining 290 hectares of brownfield land for public housing development in the next phase. He believes that it will be completed next year. However, he stressed that due to infrastructure constraints and brownfield operations, there is also an economic need. It may not be practical to expect that all of the 450 hectares of public housing can be built.

Another type of land to be recovered in the Policy Address is already classified as a comprehensive development area or a Class A residential land. Huang Weilun pointed out that the government currently has ten groups of land that are eligible, and the target is to be suitable for the development of public housing in the next year. He pointed out that the adoption of the Ordinance does not target a single owner, whether it is a large real estate developer or a smaller landlord, the government will cite statutory power to collect land.

Mr Wong said that the scope and speed of adopting the Ordinance will be higher than before and will be more “daring" than in the past. Even though the Government has adopted the Ordinance in the past, the number of public housing developments has not been many. In the past five years, only 10 It is related to public housing. However, even if there has been a judicial review challenge in the past, the government can win the case. For many owners who expect a higher purchase price, he stressed the need to make good use of public funds and has no intention of changing the current price mechanism for land resumption.

Advisory team from retirees or scholars

The Policy Address also mentioned that an advisory group will be set up to advise on the “Land Sharing Pilot Project". Huang Weilun revealed that members will come from retirees or academics. Some of them are people who are interested in land and housing but have no commercial interests. However, they emphasize that members will not be inextricably linked with the real estate industry. Details will be next month. Explained in the Legislative Council.

For the controversial “Daylight Lantau" Central Waters Intersection Island Artificial Island Project, Huang Weilun described this as a very important medium- and long-term land supply option. The current stage of work is to seek research and has already obtained the support of the Legislative Council Public Works Team. I hope that the Finance Committee can approve the funding for the relevant research. The Government also understands that some members of the community have doubts about the development of artificial islands. Therefore, it plans to establish a multi-channel communication platform and continue to strive to explain the objectives of the project to the public and let different professions People and citizens, especially young people.

He pointed out that the Government will also need to apply for funding for the planning of the offshore reclamation and the Tuen Mun West Area in the vicinity of the 220-hectare area of ​​Lung Kwu Tan in the future. It is planned to consult the Legislative Council on the development of related projects in early next year. The committee then proceeds to apply for funding procedure

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