Recovering 700 hectares of private land 100% of public housing projects Target three categories including Ping Shan Blue Land Brownfield

The increase in land supply is the focus of the Government’s policy

The Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, stressed in a new Policy Address yesterday that the Government will use the Lands Resumption Ordinance to recover private land and describe the “100%" construction of public housing and related Facility development involving 700 hectares. The land source includes the New Territories brownfield not included in the development project and the private land planned for high-density housing development. It is expected to take the lead in recovering 400 hectares of land in the next five years. The reason for the Ordinance is that the Government puts the demand for public housing in the first place, but it does not rule out the challenge of facing judicial review. The source stressed that the government is not “blindly grabbing land" on land resumption, and it is used for public purposes. Therefore, the legal basis is quite sound. Reporter Du Zhanming

Mr Lam said that the Government will use the Lands Resumption Ordinance to recover three types of private land for the development of “100%" public housing and related facilities. It is known that about 700 hectares of private land will be recovered. It is expected to recover four in the next five years. The construction of public housing, including public housing, green housing, HOS and Hong Kong people, is more than 20 hectares recovered in the past five years.

Building public housing homes green and first place

First of all, the land can be recovered, which may have potential for development but not included in new development areas or other development projects. Most of the privately owned New Territories brownfields are estimated to be about 450 hectares. These land are closer to the existing new towns and The main roads, as well as the large areas involved, include the brown areas in Pingshan and the Blue Land. The Planning Department will give priority to the review of the 160-hectare brownfields that are closer to the existing infrastructure facilities for public housing development to facilitate further technical assessments by the end of this year.

According to the news, the area of ​​the brownfields is more than two hectares. The existing new towns and major roads are less than 500 meters. It has more potential to develop. The land is now flattened and the authorities will further reduce the time for technical research. The plan has been reduced from about eight years to five to six years. The goal is to complete the project within ten years. The operators of brownfields will have to move away as soon as two or three to four years.

In addition, some private land is now located in the statutory Outline Zoning Plans of the districts and is planned for high-density housing development

However, the problem of decentralisation of property rights or infrastructure restrictions has not been developed. If the Government considers that it is suitable for public housing development, Will refer to the regulations to collect land. It is learnt that the Government has selected more than 10 groups of land in Kowloon and the north-western New Territories. It has been planned for the Comprehensive Development Area or residential Category A site. However, the Government has not completed the development due to factors such as the decentralization of the ownership. The Government will complete the review in the middle of next year. It will be announced to the public. However, if the developers concerned have a clear development plan after the land use is involved, the Administration will also consider whether to use the Ordinance to reclaim land. The Government’s objective is to release the development land. If the measures can prompt developers to speed up the building of flats, the completed flats will also be one of the sources of land. It is not excluded that the Government may not require the Ordinance to reclaim land.

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