2 billion reinforcement at the Red Line Station in Shazhong Line The first season of the next year

2 billion reinforcement at the Red Line Station in Shazhong Line The first season of the next year

In the end of the year, the operator of the Housing Authority, Chen Fan, announced that the “small-style" service was opened to the public at the end of the afternoon. It was connected to the Hin Keng Station of Tai Wai Station, Diamond Hill and Kai Tak – “The first phase of the horse stable" is expected The first season of the year will be opened. After Songhuangtai, To Kwa Wan, Ho Man Tin, Hung Hom, and even the sea to Admiralty, we will have to wait. The Administration stated that “it will be aimed at the end of 2021 or before. In addition, the MTR will pay the relevant fees for the Hung Hom Station incident. It is estimated that it will involve about $2 billion. The MTR also issued a profit warning for the first time yesterday.

Shazhongyu was originally scheduled to be connected to the expansion section of Hung Hom Station by the Tai Wai Station of Ma On Shan, and reached the terminal station Admiralty through the Convention and Exhibition Station. Due to the safety and quality problems involved in the expansion of the Hung Hom Station, the Government and the MTR considered that it was partially opened for the public to enjoy the newly completed Mass Transit Railway as soon as possible.

Kai Tak Station is a temporary destination

At the beginning of November last year, the newspaper reported that “the sandbox was opened to traffic", and the analysis was to be partially open to traffic. The key is to solve the problem of “turning around the train." The MTR pointed out that only the two stations at Kai Tak and Ho Man Tin were able to arrange for the train to turn around. However, the same signal system was used at Ho Man Tin and Hung Hom Station. The Hung Hom Station still required reinforcement works. The temporary end of the first phase of the horse.

10 minutes to Dawei to Diamond Hill

According to the MTR data, it will take about 17 minutes from Tai Wai Station to Diamond Hill Station. It will be reduced to 7 minutes from Tai Wai Station to Diamond Hill Station via the newly opened Phase 1 of Sheung Wan Estate. The time zone can also be maintained every 3 and a half minutes. If Kai Tak Station is opened to To Kwa Wan and Song Wong Terrace, because there is no equipment adjustable head, single-track two-way driving will take 10 minutes for each bus during peak hours. If passengers take the wrong car, it will take more time to consider the service quality. In the future, after the test of the full-scale train is required, it is decided not to open the relevant station, but will communicate with the district and the Transport Department to improve the transportation facilities.

Chen Fan: There is a problem at Hung Hom Station but there is no need to dismantle it.

The Administration has officially accepted two reports of the MTR on the Hung Hom Station incident. The public can consult the Highways Department’s website. Chen Fan pointed out that both reports pointed out that some of the work “quality needs to be reinforced", including the discovery of screw caps in the station, may have one-third connection or the length of the connection does not meet the standards, but the government agrees that the overall safety is not required to be rebuilt, It will also be followed up in the future, such as the operation of the assault on the MTR and the contractors. MTR Engineering Director Bao Lisheng will follow the instructions of the MTR and will follow up on the problem of construction quality problems, such as the platform of the platform in the East and West Corridors, thickening of local laminates, installation of steel columns, etc. No specific follow-up construction figures were provided; as to why the original contractor Leighton was still dealing with it, he said that he still had a contract with the other party and was therefore the preferred contractor. As to whether it will recover Leighton on the accident, the Director of Corporate Affairs, Su Jiabi, will follow up and recover as appropriate.

MTR’s initial profit warning provision of more than $2.4 billion

After the market closed yesterday, the MTR issued a profit warning. In order to cover the incident involving the Hung Hom Station and the commencement of the operation of the horses, the provision of $2 billion was made. Together with the announcement of the provision of about $430 million for the United Kingdom joint venture, the provision was $2.43 billion.