Relax and sell twice as much as the new disk

In October this year, the Policy Address announced the relaxation of the mortgage insurance property price ceiling , which stimulated the property market to heat up

According to the information of the first-hand residential property sales information network of the Midland Real Estate Data and Research Center, the new flats (including the new ones) will be relaxed for about 3 weeks from October 16 to November 6 A total of 1824 gangs were sold in the market and at the end of the shipment, which was about 1.96 times higher than the 616 gangs on the 22nd (ie September 24 to October 15) before the announcement. About 80% of them were 10 million. Yuan or below.

Liu Jiahui, chief analyst of Midland Realty, pointed out that since the “policy report" was announced, the market wait-and-see atmosphere was still strong, and the pace of developers’ promotion was relatively slow

However, since the announcement of the Policy Address, the property market sentiment was good, developers It also pushed the market and led a significant increase in one-handed trading.

In the 22 days after the publication of the “Policy Report", the new disc sold about 1824 people

about 1468 people were sold for 10 million yuan or less, accounting for about 80% of the total; and the Policy Address was announced before 22 Of the 616 new discs sold in the day, less than 350 (about 57%) were sold at a price of 10 million yuan or less.

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