Relaxing the first floor by the upper limit, Hong Kong property stocks leading the market, “Government", housing policy, heavy medicine, recovery of private housing

The Chief Executive, Mrs Lam’s third Policy Address, was released yesterday and was heavily inflected in terms of land and housing policies

The Government has assisted first-time home buyers to relax mortgage insurance schemes and stimulate local property stocks to lead the market. .

The Hang Seng Index reversed upwards yesterday. The high and low positions respectively saw 26698 and 26432 respectively. The final harvest was 26664, up 160 points, reaching a one-month high. The H-Share Index also rose upwards, closing 10532, up 32 points; turnover was 82.3 billion yuan. According to the analysis, the market has stabilized at 26,500 levels, or if it rises above 27,300, Hong Kong stocks are expected to carry out the next wave.

The mainland stock market rose first and then softened. The Shanghai Composite Index weakened for the second consecutive day, and the 3,000 mark closed and lost. It closed at 2978, down 0.41%; the Shenzhen Index closed at 9642, down 0.31%; the total turnover of the two cities shrank to 423.4 billion yuan.

Addition of public housing green housing and HOS

The Chief Executive, Mrs Lam, said in the Policy Address that the plan would be to relax the ceiling on the mortgage loan. It also proposed the use of the Lands Resumption Ordinance to recover three types of private land for the development of 100% public housing and related facilities, including public housing and green housing. Home ownership and Hong Kong people first placed on the market to promote the performance of Hong Kong property stocks. New World (017) rose 4.06% to close at 10.76 yuan, the biggest blue-chip stock; Xindi (016) rose 2.95% to close at 115.2 yuan; Hengdi (012) rose 2.82% to close at 38.25 yuan; Changshi (1113) rose 2.58% to close at 53.65 Yuan; Xinzhi (083) rose 2% to close at 12.26 yuan. In addition, Midland Group (1200)  14.14% closed at 1.13 yuan; its affiliated industrial and commercial shop (459) pumped up 6.67% to close at 0.128 yuan.

Hang Seng Index looks up 27300

In addition, the Hong Kong Government will speed up the implementation of the project proposed by the Railway Development Strategy 2014. In the coming year, the MTR (066) will be invited to carry out detailed planning and design on the Tung Chung Line Extension, the Tuen Mun South Extension Line and the North Link. Construction of the railway project started as soon as possible. MTR shares rose 2.86% to close at 44.95 yuan.

For blue-chip stocks, Swire Properties (1972) rose 4.7% to close at 24.5 yuan; Link (823) rose 2.87% to close at 84.35 yuan; Tencent (700) rose 0.67% to close at 331 yuan. On the contrary, resource stocks performed poorly. Shenhua (1088) plunged 2.75% to close at 15.58 yuan, the biggest blue-chip loser.

Mr. Tan Langwei, Co-Director of Fu Cheong Securities, said that the Policy Address is mainly focused on real estate policy. It is significantly reflected in the stock price of local real estate stocks in the afternoon. The relevant policies may cause the units of about 4 million yuan to disappear and gradually boost the Hong Kong property market. In the development of real estate developers, the phenomenon of “price increases" has been formed in related sectors. As for the HSI, he analyzed that with the big candlestick on September 4 as a reference, the current market has stabilized at the level of its top (about 26,500), and the next stop can be seen at the 27300 mark. Once again above the above threshold, the index will be able to carry out the next wave.

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