Renovation storms calm down

The Chief Executive officially announced the withdrawal of the revised Fugitive Offenders Ordinance

The relevant news was disseminated throughout the media yesterday. Individual owners slammed the “remediation storm" and the property market was expected to bottom out.

The news pointed out that the middle-level unit of Block A of Debao Garden in Ngau Tau Kok, with a saleable area of 265 square feet, was placed on the market 2 days ago

The asking price was 4.28 million yuan. Since the offer price is about 5% higher than the market price, it attracts at least 20 groups of customers to inquire, at least 3 sets of The buyer’s counter-offer, the minimum bid is only 3.97 million yuan, the highest bid and the owner’s intention is only tens of thousands of yuan. Due to the recent record of ultra-low-price transactions in the market, the owner is considering to accept the highest bid.

However, at noon yesterday, the market rumored that the government would announce a series of news, including the withdrawal of the amendments

The news was driven by the news. The Hang Seng Index once exploded nearly a thousand points. The owner expected the worst of the property market to pass, so he decided to temporarily close the case. At the end of the month, it is decided whether to sell the unit. At that time, the price will be increased.

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