Housing estate 2 room households record renting Sheung Shui Adjust to market price

The renting and delivery of the Sheung Shui District was slowed down and affected by the social movement

The landlord adjusted the rent to the market price. The area was mainly based on 2 houses. The water name has 2 units and the rent is 1 month. After the bargaining, the rent was rented at $11,300. In addition, the Sheung Shui Centre near Sheung Shui Station has low-rise flats and was rented by tenants at a low market price of $1,000.

The transaction in the residential rental market in Sheung Shui is mainly concentrated in the housing estates near the MTR station, such as the Water Centre and Sheung Shui, which have been in the traditional rental season in the past two months. The transaction volume is similar to that of the same period last year. In August, about 30 cases and about 28 cases were recorded, while in September, 14 cases were temporarily recorded. The two-bedroom units in the district were sought after, and the tenants were mainly family guests. At present, the width of the owners’ concessions has narrowed mainly because of the recent political disputes. The owners have been actively rented from the past and have now adjusted to the market price for rent. The bargaining space has remained at around $500.

Sheung Shui Centre 330 10,000 leased out

He Zhizhong, manager of the Central Plains Real Estate Branch, said that the Sheung Shui Centre is a relatively active rental housing estate in the district. It is located next to the MTR station and has a shopping mall with a well-equipped living. About 12 cases and about 7 leases were recorded in July and August respectively. The average rent was $34 and $33, while about 6 were temporarily recorded in September. Recently, a low market price lease was recorded, involving two low-rise B rooms, with a saleable area of ​​330 square feet, which is a two-bedroom interval. The owner rented out for 10,000 yuan, and the utility rent was about 30 yuan. It is reported that the same type of unit is about 11,000. Renting, the transaction is less than the market price of 1,000 yuan. At present, there are only about 11 rental flats in the housing estates. The two-bedroom flats are mainly used. The rents for the two-bedroom and three-bedroom flats are from 11,000 and 17,500.

Shangshui Mingdu 2 rooms for 30 yuan

Wang Chao, the Principal Assistant Co-Director of Midland Realty, said that the name of Sheung Shui is about 27 years and consists of four properties, providing basic housing equipment such as swimming pools and tennis courts. In addition, the estate has a flyover connecting the MTR Sheung Shui Station, which takes about 5 minutes on foot. The rental of housing estates was stable. About 7 and about 5 were recorded in July and August. The average rent was $30, and one was temporarily recorded in September. Recently, one case was rented out for more than one month. The unit is two middle-floor H rooms with a usable area of ​​376 square feet and two rooms. It is understood that the owner rented a rent of 11,500 yuan in the first ten days of August. After the tenant negotiated the price, the rent was reduced by 200 yuan to the market price of 11,300 yuan, and the practical rent was about 30 yuan. At present, there are less than 20 rents in the housing estates, mainly for the two-bedroom flats. The rents for the two-bedroom and three-bedroom flats are from $10,500 and $1,455.

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