Resident merchants receive rent concessions

In the face of continued turmoil in Hong Kong, the public’s attitude towards home ownership has become cautious

Xinhe Real Estate (083) Chairman Huang Zhixiang said yesterday that the Fed is expected to cut interest rates again at the end of the year. The low interest rate environment will boost seller confidence and other property developers will achieve sales this year. It is also ideal, I believe that the demand for home ownership is still strong. As the recent social incidents have hit the retail business, many tenants are hoping that the owners will reduce their rents. The executive director of the company, Yang Guang, responded that he has been aware of the tenants in the past few months and has offered different rental concessions to merchants. It is still too early to say whether it will fully reduce rents to its tenants in the shopping malls. I hope that the community will return to calm as soon as possible.

In terms of the push strategy, Huang Zhixiang said that the progress of the push is mainly determined by the progress of pre-sale approval, and it is not possible to speed up

The Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, called on property developers to support the Lands Resumption Ordinance. Recently, many property developers have donated agricultural land. The company’s co-director, Mr Tat Siu-yiu, responded that the company did not own agricultural land but considered that the main purpose of the measures announced by the Government was Increasing the supply of land and housing will benefit the market and society. We believe that the company will launch a new market in the next three years.

No reduction in hotel staff and mandatory holidays

The Deputy Chairman of the Trust, Mr Wong Wing-kwong, said that in the past few months, the decline in the number of visitors to Hong Kong caused by the social situation in Hong Kong will definitely affect its hotel business. The Group has not reduced the staff of the hotel and forced employees to take unpaid leave. In the future, we will carefully monitor the daily business and enhance the hotel business by doing more promotional activities. He continued to point out that the hotel business was the most affected in August and early September. The number of visitors and hotel guests who have seen Hong Kong has gradually improved. I believe that once Hong Kong resumes stability, there will be a strong rebound. I hope that the community of Hong Kong will restore peace and peace as soon as possible. .

Under the recent social activities, the normal business of some of the shopping malls was affected, and various sectors have recently called for shops to reduce rents. Yang Guang said that he has always paid attention to long-term relationships with customers. In special social situations, he will communicate with tenants in real time. For those customers who are in need of rent reduction, they are currently dealing with most of the cases and still have confidence in the development of their shopping malls. It is still too early to say whether they will fully reduce rents to their tenants. The government has proposed subsidizing travel agencies to stimulate tourism development. Huang Zhixiang believes that government measures should be positive for the tourism industry and will support government measures. The letter settled 1.81% yesterday and closed at 12.38 yuan.

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