Retail companies can’t be alone

Retail sales companies can’t be alone

MTR (066) Property Director Tang Chi-fai said yesterday that the social movements in the past few weeks are believed to have an impact on overall retail performance.

The MTR can’t be alone, but its shopping malls are dominated by people’s livelihood

At present, the impact of observation is slight and it is expected to affect a few percentages, but will continue to pay attention to the impact of social movements. He also pointed out that the shopping malls under the MTR are in public places and the closure of the shops is a decision of the merchants. On the property front, Mr Tang also pointed out that the current private housing supply ratio has shrunk. In addition, the launch of the project has a railway capping guarantee. The demand for property prices is still strong. The launch of the property project has not changed. The number of sites available for the Wong Chuk Hang is currently available. Period, sunrise and two phases of Kangcheng.

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