Trade riots and riots, retail sales fell by 70%, hundreds of industries were slaughtered, layoffs broke out

Trade wars and riots, the retail business volume fell by 70%!

The anti-amendment storm lasted for nearly three months. The Hong Kong retail trade union announced yesterday that the tourist area has become the hardest-hit area for sales. The business volume has fallen by 30% to 70%. The income of employees has plummeted, not only the commission is halved, but also He was asked to make up for the hours of early closure of the demonstrations, or even deducting the manpower. He described the current “Zhong Zhan over SARS" and faced the trend of layoffs in the future. He urged the Hong Kong Government to provide emergency unemployment assistance to the industry. Some representatives of the retail industry bluntly said that they are not far from the depression of the industry. They ridiculed some of the trade unions’ strikes to help the employers solve the problem. They said frankly: “There are all the gangsters who talk about the sneaky sneaky strikes, and they will do it straightforwardly." But it’s unpaid leave!”

Recently, a lot of people in the shopping malls have seen the situation of only salesmen. (Photo by He Qingxia)

Employees need to make up their work or deductible

The anti-reform demonstrations have not subsided since the outbreak in June, and they have intensified. The number of visitors to Hong Kong has fallen sharply. The tourism, hotel and catering industries have been the first to be implicated, with the retail industry having the greatest impact. The Hong Kong Department Store and the Commercial Employees Association of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions visited the 820 employees engaged in department stores and retail sales from the next day to the next day. The results showed that the majority of the respondents’ business volume fell by 30% to 70%. Among the above, 28% of the respondents said that the employer needs employees to make up for the hours or deductions for early closure due to demonstrations.

As for income, the six adults said that the income in the past two months fell compared with the same period of last year, some commissions decreased by 50% or more, and another 60% indicated that they are pessimistic about the future retail industry. Lin Zhizhong, the Director-General of the Trade Union, said that the department store retail industry was affected by the Sino-US trade war. The series of demonstrations in June has caused a sharp drop in the number of visitors. It has also hurt the sentiment of Hong Kong people, which has made the industry worse.

Shop frequency pull gate commission gray

Cai Zongjian, chairman of the Retail and Wholesale Practitioners Association, said that pharmacies and cosmetics stores were deeply affected. Some retail employees who sold cosmeceuticals in Causeway Bay said that due to frequent demonstrations, “a few days to pull a few days", as on the following day Only open for more than two hours, originally scheduled to have a turnover of three million yuan, only one million yuan in recent months, employees only take the basic salary, lost more than 3,000 yuan commission.

Cai also said that there are tea craft shops in Tsim Sha Tsui that rent 60,000 yuan a month, and have a turnover of more than 100,000 yuan per month. However, in July and August, there are only less than 20,000 yuan. In addition, due to weak business, department stores in Sheung Wan have required employees to take annual leave or unpaid leave. He described it as “the middle of the miserable SARS with the middle of the occupation", many shops “shooting the flies", worried that the situation will be even more bleak in the future, there will be a wave of layoffs.

Promote the rent reduction of shops under the Housing Authority

Shao Jiahui, a member of the Legislative Council of the Wholesale and Retailing Industry, said that he could not bear to wait for the industry to wait and see. Recently, he has been interviewed by the owners to discuss rent concessions. Some real estate developers have promised to offer rental concessions. However, he clearly stated that the long-term poverty and hardships will inevitably affect the staff. I believe that the unpaid leave and direct pay cuts have come one after another. It is also pointed out that some trade unions are currently engaged in strikes to help employers solve problems.

In addition to the bleak sales in the retail industry, the catering business has also entered the water line. The Chairman of the Hong Kong Food Management Association, Mr Leung Chun-wai, said that the business of urban restaurants has been reduced by 30% to 40% in the past month. If the restaurants specializing in Mainland foods are reduced by 50% or more, even if the riots do not spread to the estates In the district, the business volume of restaurants in the village has also decreased by one to two percent. He suggested that the Hong Kong Government should follow the SARS practice in the same year. The HA’s shops launched a three-month, half-monthly reduction in rents and introduced low-interest loans with a simple procedure and a maximum limit of $2 million to tide over the difficulties with the industry.

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