ring high-rise 2 rooms 50,000 yuan rented out

second-hand transactions were quiet, and buyers kept on the sidelines and switched to rent

Located in the high-rise room B of the Ring Road of Caine Road, the utility area is 676 square meters. It is separated by 2 rooms and is open to the north. The owner rented out the unit for 50,000 yuan, and the average utility rent was 74 yuan. According to the data, the original owner bought the unit in October 2010 for 20.39 million yuan, holding the goods for 9 years, and the rental return was 3%.

Xiangdao 2 room with platform for rent 38.8 yuan

Midland Real Estate Regional Manager Kwong Kam-wai said that there is a platform for the rental of characteristic households in Xiangdao, Tsuen Wan. The newly rented flat is a low-rise unit with a saleable area of ​​approximately 670 square feet. The two rooms are separated by a platform. The monthly rent is about 26,000. , practical 呎 lease 38.8 yuan. It is understood that the foreign visitors see the new housing estate and the facilities are complete, so the rental unit. The owner purchased the above properties in October 2016 for approximately 11.47 million. If the current rent is used, the rental return is about 2.7%.

Hongshan Peninsula Seaview 50,000 lease

Liang Zhiwei, manager of Lijiage Real Estate Branch, revealed that the newly rented room A of the 6th floor of Block A of Hongtan Peninsula in Taitan has recently been leased. The saleable area is about 1013 square meters. It is a two-bedroom suite with workers and workshops. It enjoys beautiful sea views and was rented a few days ago. The customer is rented for 50,000 yuan, and the usable area is about 49 yuan. It is reported that the owner bought the above units for 9 million in May 1998 and is now renting out only the rental return rate of about 6.7 per cent.

Sheung Shui Centre 2 bedrooms low floor 10,000 yuan leased out

Lai Zuozhi, deputy regional sales manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that the latest one of the two low-rise B rooms in the Sheung Shui Center was sold. The saleable area was 330 square feet, and the two-bedroom interval was rented out at 10,000 yuan. The average effective rent was 30.3 yuan, which was recently low. Price transaction. It is understood that the new tenants see the housing estates with convenient transportation and reasonable rents, that is, they decide to rent their own units. It is understood that the original owner purchased the site at 1.13 million in 2007, and the rented unit can enjoy a rental return of about 10.6%.

YOHO TOWN is available for rent for 2 weeks 12500 yuan

Li Jiage Real Estate Branch Manager Chen Yuxi revealed that there is a recent renting of the second floor of the YOHO TOWN Phase 1 of the Yuen Long YOHO TOWN Phase I, with a saleable area of ​​approximately 393 square feet, which is a two-bedroom interval. The original owner opened the price of 13,500 yuan. After the bargaining price, the price was reduced by 1,000 yuan. After two weeks of release, it was finally rented by the tenant for 12,500 yuan. The usable area was about 32 yuan. It is reported that in April 2011, the owner bought the above units at a price of about 2.683 million. The current rental rate is about 5.6 per cent.

Jiahu Villa high-rise 11,800 rent

Xiang Yi Real Estate Branch Manager Xie Liguan said that the Tianhuwei Jiahu Villa recorded a two-bedroom rental transaction, and the transaction was rewarded with two high-rise F rooms, with a saleable area of ​​449 square meters. It is reported that the tenant is a guest in the area. He loves that the estate is close to the West Rail Station. He can go to work quickly and the unit is equipped with some household appliances. He decided to rent it at 11,800 yuan, and the practical rent is 26.3 yuan. The information shows that if the current bank valuation of the same type of unit is about 4.955 million, the unit’s rental return rate will be 2.9%.

Yuqing Xuanwang Seaview 24,000 rented out

Huang Mingjie, the sales manager of the Hong Kong Property Bank Branch, said that the B-room of the middle and lower floors of Block 7 of Yuqingxuan in Changsha Bay was recently rented out. The unit was divided into 3 rooms and looked southwest to the sea. The practical area was about 554 square meters. It is reported that the owner will attract about 26,000 yuan for rent for about 2 months to attract inquiries from the customers. After the negotiation, the two sides will reduce the price by 2,000 yuan and rent it at 24,000 yuan. The practical lease is about 43.3 yuan. According to the information, the owner purchased the above units at about 3.55 million in July 2006 and the current return is about 8.1%.

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