Royal Mid-Levels II is now on sale 258

Royal Mid-Levels II is now on sale 258

The political turmoil has not hindered the developers’ push. The Tuen Mun Royal Mid-Levels Phase II and Yuen Long Estate will be put up for sale today, involving a total of 258 teams. The GRAND MONTARA and OMA OMA received their votes yesterday. The former has received more than a thousand votes.

Xindi (00016) Tuen Mun Yu Mid-Levels Phase II intercepted about 2,000 votes yesterday, compared with 130 people in the first round of sales, oversubscribed about 14 times. The developer pointed out earlier that it is the fastest after the first round of sales today. It is expected to be sold in the second round next week. There is also room for price increases.

The project will also launch a group of tenders at the same time today. The unit is Room D, 32nd Floor, Block 2A, with an area of ​​779 square feet and a 351 square foot platform. The unit will be tendered from 11:00 am today and will be closed on the 30th (next Sunday).

The two sets were on the same day. New World (00017) Yuen Long changed its sales arrangements yesterday. It will sell 128 people today. It is reported that the project has received 1,000 votes, which is more than 6 times more than the 128 sales. It is understood that 60% of the tickets are in the same area, and the outer area accounts for 40%. Among them, the proportion of family guests and young passengers in the area is half, and about 23 people in the project sell for less than 4 million yuan, or they are attracted. Many car buyers.

GRAND MONTARA exceeds 9 times

As for the two new orders that announced the first unit price of the unit two days ago, the ticket will be collected yesterday. According to market news, the project has recorded more than 1,000 registrations and oversubscribed 9 times. Among them, large buyers have also registered for subscription.

Chen Huici, Assistant General Manager of the City of Wheeler Real Estate, said that the project opened the demonstration unit to the public yesterday and began to collect the tickets. The first three hours of the visitor flow has passed thousands of people, depending on the weekend ticket collection, and the sales arrangement It will depend on the market receipt response and hopes to be announced in the near future.

OMA OMA, a subsidiary of Wing Tai Real Estate (00369), also opened its demonstration units and invoices yesterday, which will be sold as soon as next week. According to market news, the first day of the project is close to the full amount.

After the new market, the market sentiment turned better and the price will be resold. Tseung Kwan O Lan Tong Pride will raise the price of 6 gangs by about 2%. It will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis next Tuesday (25th), while the same district Tianjin will also push 3 units to bid on the same day, and will close the bid on August 30.

The Baihaobao Group (00617) and Regal Hotels (00078), Yuen Long Tangren New Village, Regal Yue Ting, will launch three bungalow tenders on Wednesday (26th), starting from 12 noon to 28 on the 26th. (Friday) at 12 noon. Another Cheng Anyun, general manager of the development department of Hongan Real Estate (01243), said that Room E, 37th Floor, Block 1, Yutang, has an area of ​​565 square feet and was sold for 13.34 million yuan. The price was 23,781 yuan, a record high.