Royal Mid-Levels II pushes 32 people to grab the purchasing power on Friday

Royal Mid-Levels II pushes 32 people to grab the purchasing power on Friday

Tuen Mun “Dragon Bed" sold 344 groups in the past Sunday and achieved near-clearance results, releasing a large amount of purchasing power; Yumiyama Phase II, which was developed by Xindi (00016) in the same district, announced the release of a new batch this Friday (19th). 32 groups of rushers are on sale on a first-come, first-served basis.

Royal Mid-Levels II sold 32 groups on Friday, with a saleable area of ​​250 to 531 square meters. The discounted price was 4,704,400 to 8,909,700 yuan, and the discounted price was 14192 to 19,715 yuan. The project was again smashed 3 groups yesterday, and the sales unit increased to 218 people, cashed in more than 1.35 billion yuan.

Grand YOHO features a total of 24.94 million projects

Xindi yesterday’s special households, located in the Grand YOHO Phase 1 of Yuen Long, recorded a high price transaction. It is located on the top floor of Block 51, the top floor of Room B, with the special room of Room B, sold for 24.974 million yuan, which is the second highest project area. There is also a 98-square platform and a 716-square roof. The rooftop has a massage pool. The price of 25378 yuan is the second highest in the housing estate. Maanshan Yunhai also sold Sandalwood Court’s 3rd floor, Room A, the top floor of the A-room, with a usable area of ​​1353 square meters, even the 857 square roof, with a transaction price of 35.995 million yuan and a price of 26,530 yuan.

In addition, Wheelock Properties GRAND MONTARA, Tseung Kwan O Estate, has two large orders in the morning, including Block B, 27A, Block 1B, Block B, Block B, Floor 30, Floor E, and reissued the price list yesterday. The price was raised to 14.067 million. 13.71 million yuan, a price increase of 5.8% and 7.3%, 2 groups scheduled for sale on Friday.

There are only 11 special households in Xiangdao, Nanfeng, and there are also 3 rooms on the 31st floor, which will be launched on Friday for a single-day tender. The unit has a usable area of ​​1960 square meters.