Ruihe Street Shop, each 50,000 square meters, adjacent to Kwun Tong Market, expected to return nearly three cents

The social atmosphere continues to be unstable

However, there is still demand for supermarkets and market stalls. A ground floor shop in Ruihe Street, Kwun Tong, covers an area of ​​about 1,300 square feet, with a turnover of 64.8 million, with an average price of about 50,000. The shop originally hosted goods for 24 years and appreciated by about 3.48 times during the property period. Buyers are expected to enjoy a return of nearly 3%.

Yesterday, the government announced retail news data, showing that all industries fell, only supermarket goods rose 1.95%, followed by fuel consumption rose 0.9%, showing that in the recent political activities, there is no impact on the most basic consumption of these people’s livelihood.

The market also recorded a market stall sale, which is located at Shop J, G/F, Nam On Building, 28-48 Shui Wo Street, Kwun Tong. It covers an area of ​​1300 square feet. It has recently reached 64.8 million owners. The average price is about 50,000. The shop is now a pork shop. And the brine food shop has a monthly rent of 160,000, and the buyer can enjoy a return of about 3%.

Shi Jianhui’s family members’ voices are high

According to the Land Registry, the original owner of the site was purchased by the company name CHEER BEST ASIA INVESTMENT LIMITED in 1995. The registered director of the company is a person named Yan. If the purchase price is 14.5 million in the current year, The profit of the goods for 24 years was 50.5 million, and the appreciation during the property period was about 3.48 times. However, the company has been ordered to liquidate in May this year, and the project was launched in the form of a silver master. According to market news, the buyers are high-sounding members of the Mahjong Family Flag of the Mahjong Pavilion.

In addition, the demand for commercial buildings is strong, and the market frequently records cases. According to the news, the third floor of Room A, Wandi Plaza, San Po Kong, covers an area of ​​about 2,627 square meters and sold for 36.04 million yuan. The price is about 13,720 yuan.

Wandi Square has a price of 13,700

In addition, the commercial market has also recorded tenancy cases. There is no shortage of big-handed rentals. The news refers to the middle-level unit of No. 8 Queen’s Road Central, Central, with an area of ​​about 3012 square feet. It is rented out at a monthly rent of $331,000, with an average rent of about $110. Room B, Low Floor, Wanchai Commercial Building, Wanchai, with an area of ​​about 873 square meters, is rented out at a monthly rent of 22,698 yuan, and the rent is about 26 yuan.

On the other hand, some commercial units have also recently launched market sales. Lijia Teng, director of Midland Commercial Business, said that the entire middle floor of No. 9 Des Voeux Road West, West Ring, covers an area of ​​approximately 6,884 square feet, and is sold at an intent price of 203 million, with an average price of about 29,500.

Huang Ba is rented out for 110 yuan per baht

Li said that the above units have been Wenji, the interval is practical, the Victoria Harbour view, plus the full-scale independent, high privacy, is the preferred choice for listed companies and group headquarters, and the parking space for sale. The building is equipped with 2 passenger elevators and 1 freight elevator, which is convenient for users to set up and has its own parking lot. In addition, the location of the building is ideal. It takes about 7-8 minutes to walk to MTR Sheung Wan Station and about 5 minutes to Sai Ying Pun Station. There are many bus and minibus routes nearby. It is very convenient to travel to and from Hong Kong and Kowloon. .

Although the current economic environment is not clear, Li believes that as one of the core business districts in Hong Kong, Sheung Wan has always been favored by users and investors, and the full-scale floor sale is rare in the district. I believe this property is a property. The sale can attract powerful users and investors.

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