Sai Wan Ho Estates have recorded low market prices and watched the atmosphere

The Sai Wan Ho is one of the hotspots of the Hong Kong Island East

The trading of the major housing estates in the district has continued to shrink. The wait-and-see atmosphere continues. The three major estates in the district are the Kings Bay, Lei King Wan and Yi Tin Wan. The monthly total number of sale and purchase cases is only a unit figure. It is generally less than the usual record of 15 to 20 cases. Only some owners are willing to reduce the price of the sale. Only the buyers are favored. Among them, the price of 2 flats in Jiaheng Bay falls below 10 million. In addition, there were 3 million households in Weijingwan with a turnover of 8.88 million. Compared with the similar unit in August, the transaction price was 10.3 million, which was about 14% lower.

Mr. Zhu Yongjian, Senior Co-Director of Hong Kong Real Estate, said that the three major housing estates in the West Bay section of the Sai Wan River, the shopping malls of the Grand Promenade, the Esplanade and the Lei King Wan were quiet. Only 9 transactions were recorded in September and the three major housing estates were recorded in August. Seven transactions were made, trading was low, and in the month when the market conditions were relatively normal, about 15 to 20 were generally recorded.

Jiaheng Bay 2 rooms fell below 10 million

Referring to the quiet trading, Mr. Chen Kaichao, senior regional business director of Centaline Property, pointed out that there are owners in the region who are willing to reduce their prices. The average price is only about half, but most prospective buyers require a reduction of only 10%. For example, there is a new 5 low-rise F room in Jiaheng Bay. The practical area is 498 square meters, 2 rooms are separated, and the southwest is facing the platform and garden view. The original owner released the market 1 year ago and once raised the price when the market conditions are good. 11 million, in April and May of this year, there were buyers who had a counter-offer to 10.5 million to 10.8 million. The original owner was unmoved, but the market conditions in the near month were reversed, eventually reducing to 9.8 million units, and the price was 19,679 yuan. The transaction price fell below 10 million and returned to the level at the beginning of this year.

Lei King Bay is 8.88 million low 14%

Zhu Yongjian added that Jiaheng Bay recorded the low-priced transaction of the above-mentioned landscaped units. In only about one week, it recorded a high-quality sea view unit with a low price and changed hands. It is a high-rise G room with a practical area of ​​about 499 square feet. To the southeast, outside the typhoon shelter seascape, with 10.92 million transactions, the price is about 21,884 yuan, the same type of unit floor is lower, a middle-floor F room, the practical area of ​​499 square feet, in July when the 12.38 million change hands, the price of 24810 Yuan, that is, about 2 months, the higher floor units sold 1.46 million, about 12%. In the month of September, there have been about 2 purchases and sales in the estates. At present, there are about 94 listings in the estates. The asking prices for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd flats are about 7.9 million, 10.2 million and 15 million respectively.

In the same district, Lijingwan recorded two transactions in August, and two transactions were recorded in September. Zhongyuan Real Estate Chen Kaichao revealed that one of the low-priced transactions in Lijingwan was the middle floor of Room D of Yikun Court, with a saleable area of ​​539 square meters. For the 2 rooms, the king, to the southwest, outside the view of the building, the original owner called the price of 10.5 million, considering the continued decline in property prices, the final price of 1.62 million to 8.88 million units to change hands, the practical price of 16475 yuan. The high-rise units of the same interval last month were sold at 10.3 million, and the transaction price was about 14% lower than earlier.

Yi Tao Bay 3 room price of 23,000

As for the Yitao Bay, a transaction was recorded for the first time in September, and 2 were recorded last month. Huang Nuowen, the property manager of Lijiage, pointed out that there were only about 860 units in Yitao Bay, which was not as large as the Lijing Bay and Jiaheng Bay. The two estates have more than 2,000 flats. The owners of the estates are biased towards holding flats. Many owners have closed their flats or leased their flats. As a result, there have been fewer than one purchases.

The market recently recorded two middle-floor E-rooms, with a practical area of ​​708 square meters, 3 room sets, and a view of the bay of the bay. The market was about 3 months old. The original price was about 18 million, and then it was reduced to 17.8 million and 1690. Wan, finally won the buyer’s favor, after the bargaining price and then fell to 16.65 million transactions, the price of 23,517 yuan, slightly lower than the market price of about half. At present, there are about 20 listings in the housing estates. The asking prices for the 2 and 3 bedroom units are about 13 million and 18 million respectively.

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