SAVANNAH has a new high price of 3.43 million

The second-hand property market sentiment was renewed, and the trading volume of the semi-new-selling projects was significantly accelerated

Taking the Tseung Kwan O Hoi Kwai Estate as an example, 15 transactions were recorded in October, and many large housing estates were outperformed.

Haishuhui October 15 trading

It is understood that the Haishuhui, which was launched in 2016, was used by many investors in the market to adopt the high-margin mortgage scheme of the developer. The investors rushed to stock up before the end of the interest period, so the transaction was significantly accelerated this month. For example, Haishuhui 3 low-rise H room, with a practical area of ​​271 square feet, is an open space. The original owner purchased it for 3.09 million yuan in 2016, just changed hands with 5.35 million yuan, and earned 2.26 million yuan in the book just after 3 years. During the period, the appreciation was 73%.

Secondly, Wu Jinji, the senior division business director of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that SAVANNAH has temporarily recorded 9 transactions since October, with an average price of 18,907 yuan. Among them, 2G high-rise G room, with a practical area of ​​312 square feet, is a one-bedroom unit. It sits on the northwest side and enjoys the opening scenery. The price was 6.5 million yuan last month. The latest is 6.47 million yuan, and the price is 20,737 yuan. The housing estate has a new high. It is reported that the original owner bought the unit for 4.037 million yuan in May 2016, and held the goods for 3 years. Now he has transferred his account and earned 2.433 million yuan to leave the market, with an appreciation of 60%.

In addition, since the announcement of the relaxation of the mortgage, the market purchasing power was immediately released

The second-hand market in Yuen Long District recorded more than 120 transactions this month. Among them, there are 15 cases in the world, such as a low-rise H room with a usable area of ​​429 square feet and two rooms. With a change of 6.55 million yuan, the price is 15,268 yuan.

In addition, Huang Jiayu, manager of the Lijiage Real Estate Branch, said that the red dragonfly is surrounded by the sea. The high-rise L-room of Block 1A on the east bank has a usable area of ​​about 194 square feet. It is sold for $5 million with a lease price of about $25,773, a new high in the estate.

On the other hand, the CSI of the Central Plains Brokers Index was 60.9 points, down slightly by 0.35 points from 61.25 points last week. After CSI surged 30 points in a single week last week, it did not turn around this week and stabilized 60 points for 2 consecutive weeks. After reflecting the government’s relaxation of the mortgage insurance property price ceiling, second-hand trading has increased sharply. The frontline brokers are emotionally positive and turned from bleak to optimistic, indicating that the property market adjustment may end.

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