Second-hand mania reproduces two years of low prices

The owners have cashed in and the prices of various second-hand residential properties have been “back in time"

A medium- and low-rise unit in Block 2, Yihuayuan, Quarry Bay, has been on the market for about a month, with a total of 4 million yuan. It will return to about two years ago with a price of about 17 million yuan. If the unit is 821 square meters, the price is 20,706 yuan.

The outlook for the property market is uncertain, and many of the owners are looking for a sale

According to the news, the above-mentioned Yihuayuan unit was put on sale in August. The initial price was 21 million yuan, and it was reduced to about 18.8 million yuan until about two weeks ago. The original owner saw the recent demonstrations continued, and the unit purchased only nearly 11 million yuan in one year. At present, the shipment has a certain profit, and it is decided to reduce it by 1.8 million yuan.

It is understood that a middle-rise unit of the same size in the housing estate, the transaction price in May this year reached 22.3 million yuan, the price fell more than 20% during the period. The same type of unit sold for 18.2 million yuan in September and July.

Ten major housing estates recorded on the 2nd day

As for the review of the second-hand property market in major private housing estates on Saturday and Sunday. According to Zhongyuan, the top ten blue-chip housing estates recorded about 12 transactions during the period, which was about 14.3% less per week. The transactions were concentrated in the New Territories, with the largest number of recorded in the first city of Sha Tin.

Various types of residential property prices “back in time"

In the same period, there were 2 records of Jiahu Mountain Villa in Tianshuiwei, and the price of the transaction was lost to 10,000 yuan. Xiang Yi Xie Li official revealed that Jinghuju 9 high-rise C-room three-bedroom unit, 537 square meters of practical area, only five days. The original owner’s fear of building prices continued to be dragged down by the social atmosphere, that is, the reduction of 520,000 yuan, to attract outsiders to the situation, to enter the market with 5.23 million yuan, the price of 9,579 yuan.

In addition, the entry barriers for public housing are low, and the free market has also recorded a drop in prices. The United States Huang Jiaming pointed out that the 8th floor of Block F of Block F, Lok Yau Court, Ngau Tau Kok Estate, was opened at $5.95 million in July. The original owner reduced the price of four yuan by a total of 900,000 yuan. Two hours after the tenant in the same district, the market entered the market with 5.05 million yuan. The price returned to the level of April this year, and the price was 11,298 yuan.

Xiang Yi Hu Zhiwei said that the 12th floor of the C-wing high-rise of Jinghua Building in Shantou Public Housing Village, the price of the three-day price was over 10%, which attracted 6 groups of customers. The unit finally took out 2.67 million yuan, and the price was 9,020 yuan. The price fell below three goals, which was the November 17th price, which was nearly 14% lower than the transaction price of similar units at the beginning of this month.

New plate proud 4 special households

In the new market, New World Development (00017) is proud of Clear Water Bay. On the weekend, two sets of special households were listed, and the cash is over 200 million yuan. Among them, Block P1 is a three-person type of P1 platform, with a saleable area of ​​2,253 square meters, selling for 610,900 yuan and a price of 26,640 yuan. The same department of the North Point, Bai Weishan, also took out a group. According to the comprehensive market data, more than 20 transactions were recorded in the first-hand market in the past two days.

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