Second-hand private building on the car Raiders in the large housing estate treasure hunt

Second-hand private building on the car Raiders in the large housing estate treasure hunt

Everyone laments that Hong Kong’s car will soon disappear. For office workers, buying a house seems to be a distant dream. However, in the near future, there is a new price of less than one million yuan, reminding everyone not to give up the opportunity to get on the train. In fact, the major housing estates in the New Territories and the various single-family properties in the territory are not lacking in the revenue of $6 million and even less than $5 million. What do you need to pay attention to when you hit the car? Please refer to the following tips.

Hong Kong Commercial Daily reporter Lu Yiling

As we all know, the number of boarding vehicles in the New Territories is not more than 6 million yuan. Mr. Bu Shaoming, Chief Executive Officer of Midland Real Estate, said that together with HOS flats, Tin Shui Wai, which is dominated by Kingswood Villas, had about 333 under $6 million at the end of June and 288 in Tuen Mun District. There are 182, and there are 177 in Sheung Shui and Fanling.

The distribution of the hotspots in the New Territories, including the Yu Fung Garden, Tuen Mun Town Plaza and Tai Hing Estate, Yuen Long can be targeted at Shang Yue, Ying Yu, Lam Ping, Fan Lam, Sheung Wan. Water has two famous capitals, Bihu Garden and Huadu Square; Maanshan can pay attention to Huilang; Tai Po and Tsuen Wan have Tai Po Centre, Tsuen Wan Centre and Converse Garden.

In the more remote deep wells, the Man Mingshan is very new and clean, and it is only one year after the occupation. Because there are no shortage of households, it is also one of the choices for getting on the train. Of course, the Kingswood Villas in Tin Shui Wai, which is known as the “Climb to Paradise", should not be missed. Although its price has now risen above $11,000, it is still flat in Hong Kong. It is only one stop away from Yuen Long. The price has risen to 1.4. Over 10,000 yuan, Jiahu Villa is more than 25% flat.

So is there a housing estate in Kowloon that does not have a boarding price? According to Chen Haichao, head of the research department of Lijiage, there are still a number of second-hand plates in the Kowloon area, such as the Amoy Gardens in Kowloon Bay, the sea and east coast of Hung Hom, and the Haicang Hui in Tseung Kwan O. The commonality of these estates is that they have a small number of small households, which reduces the total price in disguise.

Lock the fine unit 寻 number treasure hunt

Large-scale housing units are more diversified, and prospective buyers can look for lum Sum households for consideration. Taking Tsuen Wan District as an example, Mr. Lu Ching-lin, Senior District Sales Manager of Central Plains Estate, Tsuen Wan Beli Branch, said that the estates in the area of ​​Tsuen King Circuit, such as Converse Garden, Tsuen Wan Centre, Lei King Estate, Tsui Tak Estate, Kam Fung Estate, etc. The practical area ranges from 290 to 360 square feet, and there is no shortage of prices below $6 million.

He pointed out that due to their size and fame, these housing estates have certain potential for appreciation, with the advantages of fine silver code, wide customer base and high trading volume. Among them, especially the Tsuen Wan Centre, it has been a volume of champions in the Tsuen Wan District in recent years. At the end of June, there were 55 listings in the Tsuen Wan Centre with a asking price of less than $6 million. According to the transaction price at that time, the most flat admission fee was only $4.3 million.

The upper plate can not be separated from the area of ​​fine units, so that the so-called nano-disk. According to the Housing Bureau, the number of units under 251 大 ​​has increased by 9 times between 2014 and 2017. The supply is increasing, but is the demand corresponding? If you buy a nano-unit of 200 or more, will you break into the trap of “it is easy to get on the bus and it is difficult to get off the train"?

Zhang Qiaochu, managing director and consultant of Yan Liang, who is also an estate agent, said that there is a certain demand for nano-stores, but the reason for the large demand is inseparable from the number of second-hand mortgages. Those who want to get on the train have to buy a fine heart. Nano disk. He believes that when the property price soars, the nano-disk will follow the price increase of the market; the future trade war will be unclear, and the price increase or narrowing will be considered.

Moreover, the proportion of public and private housing has been adjusted to seven or three ratios, and the proportion of HOS flats has increased, which means that buyers have more choices. In the future, nano-disks may lack a ladder. He expects that the nano-disc trading will weaken in the next five years. He said that the fine unit must also be a livable product, that is, an area that people can accept. For example, a unit of only one hundred baht is not necessarily a reasonable number. He suggested that prospective buyers can start with a 350-inch unit. If the property price cannot be afforded, they would rather rent it first.

Single building with a focus on the location

Outside the housing estate, the single building is another hope of getting on the bus. Mr Bu Bu-ming pointed out that there are a large number of single-family buildings in the area of ​​Sheung Wan, Western District and Chai Wan on Hong Kong Island. In Kowloon, the single buildings are scattered throughout Hung Hom, Jordan, Tsim Sha Tsui and so on. Of course, there are also single buildings in the New Territories. Disk source. However, the sales of single buildings are generally less, which is worrying about the prospect of appreciation. In this regard, Chen Haichao suggested that prospective buyers could find some places to be convenient. There are single buildings with transportation facilities nearby. As some single buildings are not located in large housing estates, some are close to the MTR stations. In the urban building, it is not difficult to take into account the problem of building age.

In applying for mortgages, the single-storey building is scarce compared to the housing estate. The disguised form has reduced the bank’s valuation reference, which has led to an undervaluation. Wang Meifeng, managing director of Zhongyuan Mortgage Agent, reminded prospective buyers to find more valuations of valuation companies. At the same time, they asked the agents for recent transactions in the vicinity of the units and replenished the information to the bank, which would help to improve the valuation. If the prospective buyer signs a temporary sale and purchase contract and then evaluates it, it can make people feel the sincerity of the home purchase. The bank can calculate the price with the contract. In this case, the valuation has the opportunity to be pushed up by 3% to 8%. .

Both the single building and the housing estate have the advantage of getting on the train. How do you choose between the two? Chen Haichao said that for Hong Kong people, large housing estates have always had a famous brand effect. They are welcomed by the market and have a wide range of customers. It is also easier to change buildings in the future. Zhang Qiaochu refers to the design and landscape of a single building are inferior. There may be a site in front, or other buildings may block, which will affect the future appreciation. Therefore, the two are weighed and balanced, and it is better to purchase the estate. However, some quality single buildings, as mentioned above, have advantages in terms of location and traffic, but they are also worth considering.

High building age may not be insulated with a 30-year mortgage

In addition to the considerations on the number of turns, most of the board is on the road. Is it difficult to apply for a mortgage for a longer period of time? Wang Meifeng said that it may not be necessary, depending on the overall quality of the unit. She pointed out that in recent years, many large housing estates have been 50 years old. For example, the Mei Fung San Tsuen is a well-known large-scale blue-chip housing estate. The maintenance aspect is not inferior. The total age of mortgages and mortgages will be Increased to 75 years in 75 years. In other words, even if the building has reached 50 years, there is an opportunity to award a maximum of 30 years.

However, Mr Cheung reminded that the property with a high age should not only pay attention to the mortgage period made at the time of purchase, but also consider whether the next hand can do enough. If a favorite unit is 40 years old, the mortgage can still be described for 30 years, but it will be 50 years or even longer when it changes hands. It is difficult to resell when it changes.

There is no specific law for second-hand price reduction

In the second half of last year, property prices were lowered. There was a wave of price hikes in second-hand. In early June, due to the unstable situation, there were many price reduction cases. Should prospective buyers wait for these price reduction opportunities? Bu Shaoming pointed out that this is very dependent on market conditions, and he believes that the property market will stabilize in the second half of the year, and the chances of price reduction will not be great. Chen Haichao believes that after the government has increased the stamp duty, second-hand trading volume has remained at a low level, and the owners’ asking prices are relatively tough. Unless there is a down market, there is a lack of bargaining space in the sale and purchase, and the owners have a clear intentional price.

Zhang Qiaochu mentioned that second-hand buildings are subject to the upper limit of mortgages, and the volume of transactions has been stolen by the first-hand new building that provides two-in-one. Therefore, there is no specific rule for the owners to reduce the price. Even if the volume of first-hand transactions has changed drastically, the second-hand trading situation, which is constrained by the number of mortgages, is hard to rewrite.

However, he said that prospective buyers can pay attention to whether there is a new launch of the favorite unit in the same district. The new discs can be used to stimulate the second-hand towers and turnover in the same area. For example, the average price of Montara in the new Tseung Kwan O market is between 14,000 and 15,000 yuan. When the second-hand owners in the same district purchase the unit, the price is only 5,000 yuan, which is still under the profit or is willing to sell at a reduced price.