Second-hand property prices turned stronger

After the government relaxed the ceiling on mortgage insurance prices, the market’s acceptance capacity increased and the property prices increased

The cost of two-bedroom households in Fanling was increased to 5.6 million yuan, which was more than 3% less than the same period. The two-bedroom units in Tsing Yi Lan Cheng Wan sold a total of 300,000 yuan a day, a high of 6.53 million yuan, and a similar four-month high.

The agent said that there are 8 middle-floor E rooms and two rooms in the Dawning Room, with a practical area of ​​385 square meters, with a turnover of 5.6 million yuan and a price of 14,545 yuan. A two-bedroom house in the middle floor of the same room, with a usable area of ​​384 square meters. It was sold for 5.42 million yuan in the latter part of last month. However, it was ordered by the buyer after the speed was compared. The comparison was that the unit sold for less than half a month. Selling 180,000 yuan (3.3%), according to the original owner’s market entry price of 3.138 million in 2014, earned 2.462 million yuan (78.5%) in about 5 years.

Blue Cheng Bay sells 300,000 yuan a day

In addition, Tsing Yi entered the first week of November and has recorded at least 14 second-hand transactions, a 2.5-fold increase from about 4 in the same period last month. Some housing prices have risen simultaneously. Peng Jintian, the chief joint marketing director of Lijiage Real Estate, said that the two-family F room in the middle floor of Block 6 in Lancheng Bay has a usable area of ​​488 square meters, with a price of RMB 6.33 million. The price is 13381 yuan. The price of the building is the same as that of this apartment. Since the middle of the month, the new high-rise, compared with the same two-bedroom households in the middle-floor C room of the same day with 6.23 million yuan, sold 300,000 yuan (about 4.8%). The original owner of the unit bought 1.9 million yuan in 2004, and the book profit was 4.63 million yuan (2.4 times).

On the other hand, there are densely-funded investment families. According to market news, the investment family is located in the high-rise room B of the 1st floor of the Junction of the Kowloon Station in Tsim Sha Tsui

The practical area is 1088 square 3 units. On Wednesday (6th), it is 800. Ten thousand yuan, the final parking space sold for 60 million yuan, the price of 55,147 yuan, the property price returned to the level of July last year. The original owner bought the unit for 13.91 million yuan in 2004, and has soared a total of 46.09 million yuan (3.3 times).

It is reported that the investment family has many years of investment experience in the Kowloon Station, including a total of 37.18 million yuan in June this year, out of the high-rise E-room 3 rooms of the Tianzhuxing drill collar in the district, with a practical area of ​​828 square meters. The property price is 2162.55 compared with the 2009 market entry price. Ten thousand yuan, an appreciation of 15.5545 million yuan (71.9%).

The agent continued that the investment family is currently in the area only a low-rise platform for the Arc de Triomphe Motian Pavilion for sale, the practical area of ​​948 square meters, even the 369 square platform, asking price of 49 million yuan, 9 million yuan (22.5%) more expensive than the market price ), compared with the purchase price of 19.1 million yuan in the current year, it is 29.9 million yuan (1.6 times).

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