Second-hand static silver main disk frequency reduction transaction turnover Beshawan two housing 32% Tai Po than the villa erosion 3.9 million departure

Second-hand static silver main disk frequency reduction transaction turnover Beshawan two housing 32% Tai Po than the villa erosion 3.9 million departure

The second-hand property market turned quiet, and the silver mains took the lead in accepting the reality and selling at a reduced price. The relevant luxury houses were recorded in large numbers. Two of the two adjacent bungalows in Pokfulam Bay, which was held by senior investor Shi Jialong, were suspected to be the main bank of silver. They were recently sold for 184 million yuan, with a total turnover of 368 million yuan, which was released a year ago. The price has sold roughly 32%. The Tai Po Beverly Hills Villa has a silver main plate sold for 23.5 million yuan and has an erosion of over $3.91 million.

According to the Land Registry’s information, the number of flats in No. 31 and No. 32 of Bessawan Phase 5 is 4,190 square feet per house. On the 17th of this month, each of the 184 million yuan changed hands, and the price was 43,914 yuan. 3.68 billion yuan. Among them, the buyer of house No. 31 was LI RONALD HON TONG; the house of No. 32 was purchased by NG MERLINDA MAN LING.

Bayshore Bay House Seven Degrees Mortgage Loan

The original owners of the two independent houses were Shi Jialong and Cai Yanyan, which were purchased in January 2011. At that time, the transaction price of House No. 31 was 1.2586 billion yuan, and that of House No. 32 was 126.4 million yuan, totaling 2502.6 million yuan. The information shows that Shi Jialong has mortgaged the property several times after the purchase of the property. The two houses have seven mortgage or loan records. The lenders include overseas banks, finance companies and independents. In the end, the suspected debt was not the debt, and it became the silver master.

The two properties were tendered through the surveyors in June last year with an intentional price of 538 million yuan. After one year, the property finally broke out, but the price was lower than the intention price of 170 million yuan, but compared with the 2011 purchase price, the book is still high 115.57 billion yuan, an appreciation of 45.9%.

The frequent eclipse case of the Tai Po Beverly Hills Villa, and the silver main plate, was etched out at the price of the eclipse. It is the Aiqin Road No. 2 house, with a saleable area of ​​2072 square meters, with 141 square gardens and 536 square roofs. It was sold by the Silver Standard Chartered Bank for 23.5 million yuan, and the price was 11,342 yuan. The agent revealed that the original asking price of the property was 24.63 million yuan, and the price increased to 24.76 million yuan on the 20th of this month, but the final price was 1.26 million yuan or 5.1% cash. According to the Land Registry, the original owner was a mainland customer. In May 2011, it invested 27.431 million yuan to purchase the unit. The 8-year account eclipse was 3.913 million yuan.

In addition, the large-scale boarding estates in the Kowloon Bay Amoy Gardens also recorded the sale of the silver main board. The unit is the 5th floor of the Q Block, with a saleable area of ​​460 square feet. The original plan is one room and two rooms. The initial price is 6.2 million yuan. Sold, just 5.9 million yuan, the price of 12,826 yuan.

However, it is said that the unit became a murderous home in 2002. The original owner purchased it for 3.7 million yuan in June 2014. In addition to making a mortgage to the bank, he borrowed money from the finance company three times from February to October last year. The current book value was increased by 2.2 million yuan, or 59.5%.

Victoria Harbour. Star Bank two groups of 80 million change hands

Hung Hom Victoria Harbour. Xinghai just recorded the first second-hand transaction, which is 2 high-rise A and B rooms, with a total area of ​​2,189 square meters. It has just changed hands in the form of company transfer, with a price of 80 million yuan and a price of 36,546 yuan. In 2015, the original owners of the two units jointly purchased 55.58 million yuan in the name of the two companies, and the book profits were 24.42 million yuan. If the buyer’s stamp duty and property price were 8.5%, the purchase price tax was 8.60 million yuan. After deducting expenses such as agency commissions, the actual profit is expected to be about 10.56 million yuan.