Second-line building chasing after half-moon 26

Second-line building chasing after half-moon 26

The recent intensification of social conflicts has prevented some buyers from continuing to buy second-hand homes at high prices. In July, only half a month has passed, at least 26 prefectures have been sold in the second-hand market of private residential and subsidized housing. Among them, the price of an unpaid land price unit in Tsuen Wan Estate, Tung Yu Court has risen to the “Nine Balls" mark. The price of the price is almost 14,000 yuan. It is the most expensive unpaid land price in the territory. The second-hand market in Tseung Kwan O was also born at 8 degrees in the same period. Individual housing estates such as the MTR Hang Hau Station are more expensive than the second-hand private buildings.

Dongxuyuan did not pay the price of 9 million double kings

According to statistics provided by the agency, there are at least 26 new flats in the second-hand market in the first 16 days of this month, of which 14 are from the private residential market, accounting for 53.8%, and the remaining 12 are second-hand public housing or HOS transactions. . According to the latest data from the Housing Authority, 16 unpaid land premiums were purchased in the first half of this month. At least four property prices or prices have broken through historical highs. The most eye-catching is Dong Xu Yuan. Under the recent political tension, Still successfully entered the territory of Hong Kong without replenishing landlord.

According to the news, the original plan of the 4th floor of Dongjinge, Block A of Dongxuyuan, is a 3 bedroom household with a practical area of ​​650 square meters. It enjoys a sea view and is sold for 9.08 million yuan in mid-May. The unpaid land price of $9 million was accepted and the price was $13,846. It was the first uncompleted land price in Hong Kong. The price of the HOS flats was higher than that of the “Nine Balls". The price of the flat was the same as that in August last year, with a record of $13,843 per square. Wing Garden, refreshing the record of the price of HOS flats in Hong Kong. According to the original owner’s market share of 5.3 million yuan in the unpaid land price in 2014, it was sold out after about 5 years, and the book value was increased by 3.7 million yuan (about 69.8%).

Azure top floor 23 million expensive pit station

Recently, there is no shortage of price transactions in various districts. For example, the 6th floor of the upper floor of Kangming Building, Huaming Village, Fanling Public Housing, has a practical area of ​​554 square meters. It is open-planned. On the 10th of this month, the unpaid land price of 3.6 million yuan changed hands. In the New Territories North, there is no land premium public housing, with a price of 6498 yuan.

In addition, the second-hand market in Tseung Kwan O has only reached a new high level in the first half of the year. It is more like the top-level unit of the 3rd deck of the Blue Ocean Bay. The usable area is 1031 square meters, with 1020 square roofs, with a high price of 23 million yuan, the price is 22308. 10,000 yuan, the price of the property and the price of the property are the same as the record of the estate. The cost is more expensive than the five private housing estates in the Hang Hau Station.

Tsing Yi District has recorded 3 cases of broken roofs so far this month. The two-bedroom unit, Block C, High-rise Room C, 11 Lei King Wan, the index housing estate, has a saleable area of ​​504 square meters. It was sold at a price of 9.66 million yuan and the price of 19563 yuan. The price of Yuanyuan has created new indicators for two consecutive months.

The price of the user is not to look at the political and social atmosphere

Mr. Mai Cui-cai, associate professor of finance and decision-making at the Baptist University, said that this month’s top-selling transactions focused on second- and third-tier housing estates. The first-line blue-chip housing estates did not have a record high, reflecting the “follow-up" situation. I believe that individual buyers have their own needs. Or if you have a good heart, you are willing to enter the market at a high price. It is expected that there will still be such cases in the future, but it is not a mainstream phenomenon. As the demonstrations have worsened the social atmosphere, he thinks that the impact on the property market will be relatively short-lived, but it will depend on whether it will become the norm. If it continues for a long time or even affects the economy, it will exert greater pressure on the property market.

Lin Haowen, a senior director and director of valuation and consulting at Knight Frank, also believes that the recent low-handed residential property market has continued to experience a top-breaking case, which is caused by users with rigid demand entering the market. “There is obviously a high level of holding capacity.