Set a three-year home ownership road map “New tie women" Deng Yuling First action action drama Diligent kungfu

Dean (Adan), who has been a debut for many years, has served as a host of travel shows and participated in the series

She recently participated in film performances as a “female girl". She has not stopped her pace and has developed in various aspects and diversified her image. Set a target for home ownership, and hope to purchase a two-bedroom apartment in the city within three years.

Deng Yuling feels independent and has the strong self-interest of modern women. He admits that he has lived alone when he was very young. He moved to the new residence environment every few years. From village houses to urban units, he basically lived in the sun. “." It is believed that all kinds of dwellings have their advantages. For example, the village houses are spacious and the environment is pleasant, but the traffic is subject to trade-offs. At present, because she is still in the “killing" stage and focuses on career sprinting, she will choose to live in the urban area and have convenient transportation. She is suitable for daily travel to various types of shooting work. In addition, for her busy work, she absolutely meets her requirements in urban areas. “As long as I fall down the street, I can buy a donkey." It is also convenient for friends to visit. It seems that the urban forest is suitable for the rich Adan.

Target two million households with a new building of less than 6 million

Although Adan is still renting flats until now, he bluntly said, “In fact, I always want to buy a flat. I only want to take advantage of the timing when I consider it." Because of his first position on the train, Adan hopes to take advantage of this opportunity. I have been paying attention to the property market silently, but said that the first home property may not be used for self-occupation, and I hope to collect the investment. After all, I have become a tenant for many years and want to try to become a “rental woman".

For the recent adjustment of the property market, Adan also paid attention to it and set a target for himself. He hopes to be able to find a successful home purchase within two to three years. The two-bedroom unit with a target of less than 6 million will become the owner.

Paying attention to the property market for many years, she also has some understanding of the property market. She is concerned about the relatively new flats. She said that if the age of the building is relatively high or the property of the village house, there will be complicated problems in the purchase of the property, including the village house must pay at least half of the property price. More than 30 years old flats are prone to undervaluation. When it comes to property valuation and mortgage, there will be more problems than new buildings. “Because the first place will hope to be too many, I want to be simple, so it will be simple. It doesn’t matter if you use a second hand."

Overseas home buyers preferred Australia

In recent years, Hong Kong has a prevailing overseas lifestyle. In the past, when Adan was the host of the tourism program, he also began to pay attention to overseas buildings. I think that if you have the opportunity to buy a home overseas, you will be the first choice in Australia. Because you like the environment in the area, the property price is relatively low, and there are friends who live in the area for easy care. Therefore, it is considered for investment in the local neighboring university district.

Adan relies on personal efforts to become a boss and has more plans to buy a home. She said modestly that, like most Hong Kong people, they are still working hard for their careers. They also encourage young people with their personal experience. It is very important to set goals. “If you think that it is difficult to achieve, then you must give up the first step." At the same time, they are also advised to say, “All the money is stored in the first month of entertainment, and there is a plan to make a part of the income as a fixed investment." As long as there are savings habits, there will be a principal for one day. The funds on hand measure the future of the individual, such as entrepreneurship, home ownership, etc.; everything is difficult to start, as long as there are goals and persistence, one day can realize the dream of home ownership.

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