Seven new fires and sold 651 people on Saturday. The most prosperous since the amendments

Anti-reforms have been fighting for nearly five months, and conflicts have occurred on weekends

Therefore, developers have recently deliberately avoided the sale of “high-risk days" on Saturdays and Sundays. Since the relaxation of the insurance, the property market has increased significantly, and the developers have started to grab customers. There are 7 new discs on sale this Saturday, offering as many as 651 people, which is the most popular Saturday since the anti-revision. Among them, Sham Shui Po’s love sea otter increased the construction period payment by 2%, which attracted the passengers. Reporter: Chen Baoen

The policy of the Group’s new property is only applicable to the existing properties

The purchase of the existing flats will be made to the banks. Cheung Kong (1113) Sham Shui Po, Ai Hai, sold 198 gangs, Assistant Chief Manager (business) He Jiaxin said that 26% of Aihai 颂 sales units used construction payment, in response to market demand, 2% added Easy discount, the maximum discount increased from 18% to 20%, compared with the comparison for only 2% of the property price.

Mingqiao received 5,854 votes

Over 15 times

Aihaiqi sold on the second round last Friday, selling 67 people in a single day, accounting for only 38% of the push. Even if the second round of sales is not good, the developer will push 88 people on Tuesday, all for the two-bedroom, maintaining the highest discount. 22%, the discount is 7.584 million to 9.727 million yuan, the price is 16,000 yuan to 20,097 yuan, and the average price is 17,521 yuan. The most flat unit of price and price is 2 C-rooms on the 3rd floor, with a saleable area of ​​474 square feet, a discount of 7.784 million yuan and a price of 16,000 yuan. He Jiaxin said that the project sold 176 gangs on Saturday, of which 112 were on a first-come, first-served basis and 64 were sold as tenders; the project sold 198 gangs and cashed for 1.96 billion yuan.

As for the Garmin Group (1271), Tsing Yi Road, Tsing Yi, will be opened for sale on Friday (1st), and 13 tenders will be launched on the same day. The developer announced that the project started collecting tickets from last Thursday to 8:00 last night, and received 5,854 votes since the 7th. It was calculated by the public offering of some 375 people and oversubscribed 14.6 times. The project will be drawn today and will be selected in batches on Friday. This time there will be no priority for the big hand customer, and each person will be limited to a maximum of 2 groups.

Mingqiaohui offered the price on last Wednesday. The first batch of 156 gangs had an average price of RMB 14,800, and the one-bedroom unit that entered the market was priced at RMB 4.321 million to close the private building in the district. The project then added 78 and 154 groups on the 26th and 28th respectively, with an average price of 1.52 million and 15,800 yuan.

According to the statistics of the first-hand residential sales network, there will be 7 new discs on sale this Saturday. There are 651 sets of supplies, which is expected to be the most prosperous Saturday since the anti-revision. In addition to the 176-person sale of the third round of Aihai, the One Eighty Panwan single-panel Pan Pan has also been launched with a price list. The project has recently pushed 27 people, the most expensive 29-room A room and two-bedroom, with a saleable area of ​​331 square feet. Platform 322 square, discounted about 13.3 million yuan, high price of 40,187 yuan, challenged the region’s new high.

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