Sham Shui Po Mini Family “Two-character" has transactions

In the urban area, there were rare sales of less than three million homes

Hong Kong-based sales manager Zhang Zhihao said that the Sham Shui Po Building (see photo), Sham Shui Po Building (see photo), is a low-rise room A, with a two-bedroom interval of about 223 square feet. After the bargaining price, the price was reduced by about 420,000, with a turnover of 2.93 million. The price was about 13139 yuan, a decrease of about 13%.

It is understood that the new buyer is a couple, and the tower is entered into the market once

According to the data, the original owner bought it at about 220,000 in September 1981, earning about 2.71 million on the book and appreciating about 12 times.

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