Shanghai stock index 3 consecutive rises

Sino-US trade negotiations will restart next week, driving the Shanghai Composite Index to rise 0.5% yesterday, and for three days, Shanghai’s free trade port and technology stocks led the gains

Analysts pointed out that the market waits for the Politburo meeting to set the economic policy orientation for the second half of the year, as well as the Sino-US trade negotiations to be restarted next week, and that the company will continue to influence the market. It is expected that the short-term market will continue to fluctuate.

The Shanghai Composite Index closed up 0.5% yesterday at 2,937 points. After three consecutive trading days, the Shenzhen Component Index and the Growth Enterprise Market Index rose by 0.9% and 0.8% respectively

The transaction volume of the two cities was 399.6 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), which was close to the previous day. Foreign capital continued to flow in. The capital of the North Bank bought 1.95 billion yuan yesterday. Among them, the Shanghai stock market bought more than 1.7 billion yuan.

The industry sector generally rose, food and beverage, electronic parts, transportation equipment, agriculture and animal husbandry sector led the rise, led by oil, gold, and fertilizer. In terms of the concept sector, Shanghai Free Trade, Port Expo, Foxconn, and Apple have risen.

Kechuang board rose 5.5%

The company entered the fourth trading day and remained strong overall. 25 stocks rose an average of 5.5%, 23 stocks rose, and two fell, with the biggest increase of 15%. The total turnover increased to 29 billion yuan, and the turnover rate rose to 46%, indicating that the science and technology board is still active.

Looking forward to the market outlook, analysts pointed out that, coupled with the wait-and-see situation of the Politburo meeting for the deployment of economic work in the second half of the year, coupled with the short-term will continue to affect the main board market, as well as the news of Sino-US trade negotiations, the market is cautious, expected market outlook Will continue to oscillate.

Analysts expect that the focus of economic work in the second half of the year will focus on expanding domestic demand to promote consumption, continue to reduce taxes and reduce expenses to support small and micro enterprises, release vitality, fiscal policy will maintain total expansion, increase government investment, and maintain a stable monetary policy. Loose.

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