A shop is famous for wisdom

The two men have disputes, nothing more than money and women, which I agree with, but if the plot is happening to the father and the child, the position of the woman is mostly the mother in the middle, and both sides hope to win support

Tickets, if you can achieve the surface without eccentricity, comfort the excitement of both sides, and establish a safe island at home, usually “mother world" is the best way to calm the storm at home.

Is it most effective to use financial control to calm down the family?

I have seen many young people who will not, will not compromise, leave home alone! Sometimes I want to ask my father, you want your son to do things for your own ideas, or smile with you every day, but the inner thoughts are just “foraging!" Of course, some young people have already calculated well, even if they The big rebellion, the final father’s pay is also sure to get it.

Among the friends of the same age, a 50-year-old is not enough to be a grandfather

The biggest factor is that he does not have to work hard for money. When he was an adult, his father passed a shop in a prime location, but he was required to be fully owned by the bank before the age of 36. Escrow, can not be escorted and can not be sold.

The generous rent made him worry-free, but when he was investing in the age of ignorance, he complained that he was too tied and bent, but after the storm and tsunami, he realized that the father was a great wise man.

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