“Hello House" proposed for the site of Sung Wong Tai Road

“Hello House" proposed for the site of Sung Wong Tai Road

Kowloon Leshan Hall announced that it plans to use the government’s idle land at the junction of Song Wong Tai Road and To Kwai Wan Road to build and assemble synthetic housing. The Kowloon City District Council will be consulted during the relevant month and the opinions of the stakeholders in the district will be heard. Leshantang expects this project to be incorporated in early 2021.

Can live in 100 families of 2 to 4 people

With the assistance of the Transport Bureau Task Force, Le Shan Tong has applied for a short-term tenancy agreement with the Lands Department on the Song Wong Tai Road project. The site covers an area of ​​approximately 2,858 square meters and is expected to be available for 100 family units of 2 to 4 people. It is 2 storeys high, including 44 2 to 3 person units and 56 3 to 4 person units, ranging from 194 to 269 square feet. The number of people expected to benefit is about 300. With community and government support, the project is expected to be completed by 2020.

According to reports, the project is for families who have been on the waiting list for three years or more and are living in a harsh environment or in need of housing and community support. The CSSA recipients or income are lower than the median monthly household income of 55%. The family is given priority and the unit has a lease term of not less than 2 years. The rent will be based on the rent standard of the “Leshantang Social Housing Project" in the past and will be less than the market rent. The rent of CSSA families will not exceed the monthly rent allowance.

Liu Aishi, director of Leshantang, said that the church has incorporated social housing projects into the organization’s constant services, and will continue to launch different types of projects, such as the renovation of unused residential units, the renovation of school buildings and the assembly of synthetic building technology. Social housing built.

The latest issue of “Le Wu" is located in Ho Man Tin. It is now accepting applications and is undergoing refurbishment of residential units. It is expected to provide 13 units and formally join in September.