Six major developers have sold 100 billion yuan this year

According to the statistics of this newspaper, the six major developers temporarily sold about 9670 units this year, accounting for 55% of the total volume of the first-hand trading volume of 17,600, and the total amount of money absorbed during the period was as high as 103.5 billion yuan

As for the “selling of the building king" so far this year, it was re-elected by SHKP (0016). During the period, about 3,500 units were sold, with an estimated cash payment of 40 billion yuan.

Xindi 3500 sets of 40 billion continuation of the king

SHKP sold 3,400 gangs last year and cashed in $53 billion to become the “double champion" in 2018. This year, another city has sold about 3,500 people since January. It has surpassed the total sales volume of the whole year of last year. During the period, it has cashed in about 40 billion yuan and continues to be the “selling king" so far this year.

SHKP this year in addition to the launch of To Kwa Wan Downtown

38. Nanchang Station Huiyu III, Tuen Mun Yu Mid-Level II and other new discs. In the first half of the year, the surplus goods of Tai Po Baishijiao Yunhui were also sold through tenders. The vacancy tax on the other hand is imperative. The projects in Tseung Kwan O, the Olympic Station, the Ap Lei Chau South Bay, the Tai Tam Estate, and the Kowloon Station, which have been in operation for a long time, have recently passed through The tender was actively cleared.

As for Wheelock (0020), this year’s main sales of Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Kangcheng Phase 7 MONTARA, 9 MARINI two large projects, plus Kai Tak OASIS KAI TAK, Ho Man Tin ONEHOMANTIN and other goods, so far sold about 2000 gang The cash is about 23 billion yuan, which is second to Xindi and has become the runner-up of the building so far this year.

Hui Defeng sells 23 billion Juya

Another leading developer, Henderson Land (0012), and the head of the “four uncles" Lee Shau Kee officially handed over to his sons Li Jiajie and Li Jiacheng in May. They also turned to the reluctance to sell strategy. Three new Pan Hongqi Kai, Changsha Bay, and Tianhou Both Weifeng and Huihui recorded ideal sales, together with the remaining goods such as Yuen Long Shang Yue Ling and Quarry Bay Junhao Peak. So far this year, about 1,300 people have cashed in about 11 billion yuan, which is among the top three sellers. It can be noted that the Tai Po Tian Diamond, which was launched in January this year by China Overseas (0688), has sold about 1209 people so far. Together with the surplus of Dongjiu Kaide No.1, the total cash amount is also high at RMB 10.5 billion.

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