The small households are holding the Yuen Long Ying Yu 3 years appreciation of 50%

The dragon bed was sold hot, and the second-hand fine unit was traded

The Yulang Yingyu 1 bedroom unit was sold for 4.53 million yuan. The industry hosted the goods for 3 years and the unit appreciated nearly 50%.

Tai Po Lushan 3.8 million 19 19388

The Tuen Mun Dragon Beds are selling well, stimulating the second-hand market in the fine price. Recently, many small units with loose invitations have been recorded, and the owners can profit from the ideal price. When the Yuen Long Ying Yu 2 low-rise 5 rooms, is a 1 bedroom unit, the practical area is 302 square feet, the original owner bought in March 2016 for 3.052 million yuan, after the expiration of the additional stamp duty (SSD) 3 years of hot taxation deadline Immediately put on sale, the unit just sold for 4.53 million yuan, the practical price of 15,000 yuan, the book profit of 1.478 million yuan, the value of the goods increased by 48% in 3 years.

A 196-square-foot mini-house on the lower level of Block 9 in Lushan, Tai Po, has just changed hands with 3.8 million yuan, and the unit has a usable area of ​​196 square feet. The transaction price is about 19,388 yuan. The former owner in August 2015 was 1.821 million yuan. At that time, the practical price was less than 10,000 yuan, only 9,292 yuan. The holding unit was nearly 4 years. The book value of the goods was 1.888 million yuan, an appreciation of about 1.1 times.

The east coast of Hung Hom is about 4.78 million for sale

In addition, the second floor of Room 1C, East Coast, Hung Hom, has a usable area of ​​229 square feet. The lease is accepted for 4.78 million yuan, and the practical price is 20,873 yuan. The new buyer is an investor, with a monthly rent of $12,600, and a rental return rate of nearly 3.2%.

In September 2015, the original owner contracted the bank and the developer to buy the unit for 3.746 million yuan. After 4 years of low-interest honeymoon period, the book earned 1.034 million yuan and the unit appreciated by 28%.

On the other hand, Room F, the middle floor of Shangdu, Cheung Sha Wan, has a saleable area of ​​313 square feet. It was received by the first customer in the district for $6 million. It was the first additional stamp duty for the estate. The original business hosted the goods for 3 years, and the book earned about 1.4 million yuan, an appreciation of 30%.

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