Stocks and legends, 12 billion shares changed to 1 share 

Gaoshan Group (616) announced the proposed share price of 20 in 1 on the previous day, and proposed to provide 4, 48.3 cents per share and raise 354 million yuan after the joint stock

According to the statistics of the newspaper, since Yongyi International entered the stock in 2003, together with this joint stock and rights issue (assumed to be effective), it has carried out 10 joint stocks, 1 bonus share and 15 rights issue. According to this calculation, if the rights issue is not adjusted, after the integration of the Alpine Group, the 128 billion shares in 2003 are equal to one share today! This is already a record in the Hong Kong stock market.

Over the years, Alpine Group has raised more than 2 billion yuan

The company said that it will raise funds from this fundraising, of which 301 million will be used to supplement the balance of bank financing that the Kennedy Town property acquired recently and intends to rebuild, and the remaining funds are used for General operational use.

Gaoshan sold in 2003 to Guan Yongyi

Alpine Group was formerly known as Yitai International for the production of sanitary ware. In 2000, it sold the transformation network. In 2003, it sold to Yongyi International (1218), the subsidiary of the “Water King”, and then “transformed many times”. First, the transformation of China’s bleaching and dyeing. In 2007, it was intended to transform the US mining and exploration business. Later, it terminated the acquisition and then transformed into real estate property reconstruction and securities investment in Hong Kong. In addition to the construction of the property and land in Singapore and the PRC, the property and the land are also used for rental purposes.

At present, the largest shareholder of Gaoshan International is still Yongyi International, and this time it will also be responsible for the rights issue. After the listing in 1995, Yongyi International also raised funds continuously. Until 2006, the total rights issue was 10 times. The wheel-type action made it known as the “stock pump”. In 2010, Guan Yongyi proposed a comprehensive acquisition of 3.3 yuan, a discount of 80.8% over the asset value, and successfully controlled the ownership.

The third largest shareholder is Madian Star held by Chen Tiandui, the majority shareholder of Guanhua International (539). Guanhua International and Yongyi International have a very close relationship. In 2009, Guan Yongyi was accused of conspiring to blackmail the victim. Li Minghong, another shareholder of Guanhua International, was the personnel guarantee for Guan Yongyi, and Yongyi International was also Guanhua International. Shareholders, but this year, all the losses have been cleared, and coincidentally, Guanhua International has raised shares and rights issues several times during the 23 years of listing, and has raised 3 billion yuan.

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