The strategy of the Ashley Road site

The strategy of the Ashley Road site

There is a shortage of land supply in the urban area, and the sites with reconstruction value are favored by developers. The Capital Strategy (00497) earlier released the redevelopment site at 21 to 27 Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui by public tender. The news said that the sale was about $1.8 billion, and the price of each floor was lower (hereinafter referred to as the floor price). ) About 18,500 yuan, the new buyer with the small and medium-sized developer Jianye Real Estate has the highest voice.

The price is expected to be 1.8 billion.

The site comprises three buildings, 21st to 21st Ashley Road, 27th to 25th Ashley Road, Ashley Road, 27 Ashley Road, and 27 Ashley Road, Ashley Road. The site covers an area of ​​about 8107 square meters and has been approved for construction. A commercial building with a total gross floor area of ​​approximately 97,284 square feet.

The property was released from low-end sales at the end of last year. It was commissioned by the surveyor last month to have a market value of about 2 billion yuan and was closed yesterday. It is reported that the property has been actively negotiated by local developers and it is expected to change hands in the short term. The price is about 1.8 billion yuan. The floor price is about 18,500 yuan.

The site was held by the Capital Strategy. The group purchased the Yashili Center and Ashley 27 in 2006, with a price of 200.8 million and 142.8 million yuan. Subsequently, the title of the old building No. 21 to 21A of Ashley Road was gradually collected. The total acquisition cost was about 3.1348 billion yuan, that is, the purchase price of the three properties totaled about 657.08 million yuan. In terms of purchase price, the property book appreciated by 1.1422.9 billion yuan, up more than 1.7 times.

According to sources, the developer who is buying the Ashley Road site is Jianye Real Estate. In recent years, the developer has repeatedly entered the bidding for official residence, including residential, commercial and hotel sites, but failed to win the bid. Jianye has won the land for the last time in March 2016, and won the bid for the land of the Huangmajiao Road in Stanley for 2.81 billion yuan, that is, it has not increased the soil reserves for more than three years, so it needs to be acquired in the private market. According to the information, Jianye Real Estate is mainly engaged in the development of residential projects in Hong Kong. The commercial building is only the Sidon Center at 7 Changshun Street, Changsha Bay, which was completed in 2004.