Subsidized Housing “Plus Size"?

The housing shortage has always been a deep contradiction in society

This year’s Policy Address pointed out that 12,000 HOS or green housing units will be pre-sold next year, 30% more than this year. At the same time, the number of Baiju places will be increased and research will be The sale of 42,000 rented housing units will be sold at a discount of 20%; and a youth hostel will be built in Wan Chai. Some members of the Housing Authority believe that 12,000 units are good for handling housing shortages. However, he is worried that the authorities will overdraw the supply of housing in the next few years, which may lead to a shortage of supply. The Government is urged to try to block the gap and make up for it.

The Government has launched 4,871 homes and 3,696 green tenants this year, for a total of 8 567 units. Government sources said yesterday that the number of pre-sales for the two types of homes will increase to 12,000 next year, which is 30% more than this year, but the proportion is unknown. The source also revealed that the relevant project can last up to three years, and the supply of public housing and green housing will reach 74,000 in the next five years.

Research market price 20% off “small rent"

The Housing Authority and the Director General of the Public Housing Association, Mr Kwok Kwok-wai, believe that the Government has pre-sold 10,000 public housing units next year as “good numbers", but he is also worried that the Government will overdraw the supply of housing in the next few years, so that the supply will fall afterwards. It is believed that the government should continue to increase housing and make up for the supply gap. It is pointed out that the supply of housing cannot fall in an instant, at least to achieve the long-term goal of selling 9,500 subsidized units every year.

At the same time, the Administration will increase the number of places in the White House and launch the “Small Rent" project. According to government sources, the Administration will increase the existing 3,000 quotas for Bai Ju II to benefit more people. However, the increase is subject to the Housing Authority’s discussion. Zhao Guowei believes that increasing quotas is equivalent to increasing demand for home ownership. The government should also propose incentives to attract owners to release units. Otherwise, the imbalance between supply and demand will only be further aggravated.

Regarding the “Tenants’ Home Ownership Scheme", the source said that a total of 42,000 rented flats in 39 estates have not yet been sold

The sale ratio of Tai Wai Hin Keng Estate is up to 92%, the worst. For the Tuen Mun Mountain Village, the sales ratio is less than 50%. The source pointed out that in order to speed up the demand for tenants’ home ownership, the Housing Authority is studying three measures. The first is to sell 1,200 rented flats that are recycled each year in green or other ways. The second is to rent them at present. The unit is about 20% off the market price, and then offers discounts to attract existing tenants to buy. The third is to relocate tenants who do not want to purchase rented units to non-rental housing estates.

As for the issue of young people going upstairs, the Hong Kong Government announced earlier that it will build six youth hostels. It will also say that it will build a youth hostel in operation in San Francisco with the Salvation Army. It will be located at the Salvation Army Street in Wan Chai. The hostel will provide 500 hostels. Position, is currently conducting preliminary engineering research. The source also revealed that the Tai Po Youth Association Youth Hostel will accept the application and the Yuen Long Po Leung Kuk Youth Hostel is expected to be completed two years later. Seven youth hostels provide a total of 1,700 units. The source also indicated that tenants in the youth hostels can wait for public housing at the same time.

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