“Working City King" Sun family has been battling

“Working City King" Sun family has been battling

I don’t inherit 100 billion homes and choose to open up my own way. Some people dislike it, but for Zhong Lifen, it’s definitely worthwhile to turn dreams into a career. “I don’t have to raise a family, I can concentrate on developing my dreams to help people, so I am grateful.” Grandpa Bell Jiang Hai was a famous “Golden Building King" in the 1970s. Zhong Peisheng described his relationship with Grandpa. He recalled that when he was sick, his grandfather held banana candy in one hand and WCS in his hand. One of his sugar and grandchildren, the memories were sweet.

Zhong Jianghai has a copy of the star line

“With my grandfather, I will go to the canal and go to the same channel. I am also the only grandson, and I have the same squad with my grandfather." He also pointed out that 嫲嫲 often does not have a name to do good deeds, so deep Affected, “When I am embarrassed and my heart is not correct, the result will be embarrassing, proving that my life is more decent."

Since Zhong Jianghai passed away, the family has repeatedly smashed a lawsuit, including his successor to accuse the big house daughter Zhong Baozhu, occupying the Nanwan Road mansion. Zhong Peisheng pointed out that the young and the young were not clear about the incident, but he was born in a big family and had a set of unspoken rules. They are all good at themselves, so they can talk a lot." The Zhongjianghai family is huge, with 6 sons, 10 daughters and 27 grandchildren.

In 1961, Zhong Jianghai founded Huaxia Real Estate. In the 1970s, he was in the real estate industry. In the same year, he shared the same name with Changshi and Xindi. His masterpieces include cooperation with Huo Yingdong and Stanley Ho to develop the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Light (picture) and Admiralty Far East Financial Center. Now the three sons of Jiang Hai, Zhong Qiwei, Zhong Renwei and Zhong Yingwei are executive directors of the company. In addition, Zhong Jianghai and his brother Zhong Minghui also founded Yihua Yixin, specializing in the acquisition of the construction of the factory building, including the industrial areas such as Chai Wan and Kwun Tong. Yihua Yixin has invested in the purchase of Stanley Park, Stanley Park and Shek O House.