Tai Po Day Diamond Plus 180 Groups Individual Price Increase 2.5%

Tai Po Day Diamond Plus 180 Groups Individual Price Increase 2.5%

The first-hand market was driven by a number of large-scale new ones, and the remaining items were pushed back. Tai Po Tianzhu pushed 180 people yesterday, and the price was 12,790 to 18,073 yuan. The individual price increase was about 2.5%, and the next week will be sold.

Tiandeng pushed 180 people yesterday, including 2 to 3 households, covering an area of ​​457 to 761 square feet. The price list was 7.545 million to 138.25 million yuan, and the price was 15,694 to 22,176 yuan. The project discounts remain unchanged, with a maximum discount of 18.5%, a discounted price of 6.149 million to 11.26 million yuan, and a price of 12,790 to 18,073 yuan.

From now on, the intention to push the next week

Yu Weiguang, managing director of China Overseas Real Estate, said that the third unit was launched for the first time and there are 62 featured units, including 6 garden households, 8 even platform units and 48 consecutive days. He described the increase in price only to reflect the floor and landscape, and the increase was mild.

Compared with the lower units, the 11th floor, Room A, is a 746 sq. ft. 3 room, with a discounted price of 10,180,200 yuan and a price of 13,646 yuan. It is the 8th floor unit launched in January this year, with a price of 992,700. Yuan, the price of 13,308 yuan, an increase of about 2.5%.

The project opened the new 3 bedroom demonstration unit to the public for the first time yesterday. It began to collect intention registration today and will sell it as soon as next week. The project has sold 950 gangs so far, and the cash is about 7 billion yuan.

In addition, Yingjun (00041), Baishijiao Langtao, the market news that has been approved for pre-sale consent, will be launched within the month. The project provides 723 people, ranging from 1 to 4 rooms, with 2 rooms and a practical area of ​​about 350 to 2,000 square feet. The demonstration unit will be located in Langham Place, Mong Kok.

Bai Shijiao Lang Tao was approved for pre-sale

In addition, Cheung Kong (01113) North Point Mansion Victoria Harbour won a group of buyers to buy two groups, the transaction record shows that 8 32-story A and 33rd floor A room, the same area is 1,322 square feet, the transaction price is 6,075.1 respectively 10,000 and 65.8 million yuan, the price of 45,954 and 49,773 yuan, the entire unit of the project is clear.

New World (00017) Yuan Lang one day 2 gang, including 2 b B1 one-bedroom, with an area of ​​316 square feet, the transaction price is 5.29 million yuan, and the price is 16,741 yuan. In the past two weeks, the project has sold 173 gangs, accounting for more than half of the project.

Tuen Mun Shangyuan smashed 2 groups yesterday, including Room A, 19th Floor, Block 1A, with an area of ​​357 square feet. The transaction price was 5.213 million yuan and the price was 14,602 yuan.