Taikoo City 3 rooms are Wang Wei 1.4 million

The Government has relaxed the first mortgage insurance property price to 8 million yuan, but over 10 million large units have not benefited, so the price has not decreased

Room D, Middle and Lower Level, Yan Palace Court, Taikoo Shing, Quarry Bay, with a saleable area of ​​747 sq ft, and a 3 bedroom suite for the estate. The original owner opened the price of 15.4 million yuan at the end of August, and then adjusted the bid price to 14.6 million yuan. After two months of release, the market price was changed to 14 million yuan, and the price was reduced by 1.4 million yuan or 9.1%, and the price was 18,742 yuan.

Zhongyuan Real Estate said that the original owner bought in November 1993 for 3.12 million yuan, and the profit for holding the goods for 26 years was 10.08 million yuan

According to the information of the 245 million Altadena House Land Registry of the Garton family, the low-rise Room C of Altadena House, No. 27, Baijiadao, has a usable area of ​​4,073 square feet. The parking space is 245 million yuan and the price is 60,152 yuan. The registered buyer is Hao Yuming, the same name as a local horse owner.

The original owner was Tianfu Real Estate, which held the site as early as December 1996

The directors include Zhang Zhengzheng, Zhang Liren, Zhang Yongzhao and Zhang Shangyu. Among them, Zhang Zhengyi and Zhang Shangyu have the same names as the members of the Jiadun Bakery Company. Jiadun bread has been established in Hong Kong for 93 years. The late founder Zhang Zifang is known as the “Bag King" and has four sons and four women. The eldest son, Zhang Shangyu, inherited the bread business, and the second son, Zhang Zheng, abandoned the business as a cardiologist.

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