Taikoo City doubled in September

A number of large housing estates rebounded in September, and Taikoo City Quarry Bay temporarily recorded ten transactions, which was about double the monthly increase in August

The Housing Estate has recorded two consecutive cases in a single day, including the three-bedroom E flats in the middle and lower floors of Fu Tin Court. It was resold for $17 million. It has a saleable area of ​​760 square feet and a price of 220,000. Thousand three hundred and sixty-eight yuan.

A number of large housing estates rebounded in September

Haiyi low-rise household price

Zhong Xiu Wang Xiufen revealed that the project’s low-rise E room in Jinfengge, with a usable area of ​​922 square meters, was accepted by the same district users for 18.38 million yuan, and the price was only 19,990. Fifteen yuan. It is understood that the original owner entered the market with a price of 5.13 million yuan in 1999. The unit has appreciated by about 2.6 times in 20 years.

The Ap Lei Chau Peninsula in Ap Lei Chau only recorded about nine transactions in the whole month in August

It was temporarily recorded in 15 cases this month, an increase of about 66%. The bank’s Lu Jinghao pointed out that the property’s 19 low-rise C rooms were originally sold at a price of 8.5 million yuan. After the price reduction, the price was changed to 8.38 million yuan. The price of 14,400 yuan was attractive. price.

The performance of the trading in the low-priced buildings in the New Territories was also active. The Central Plains Hou Huiliang said that the first city of Sha Tin recorded about 31 transactions in September, about 17 cases more than the previous month. Recently, the change-handling unit consisted of 37 high-rise D-room two-bedroom households with a price of $5.35 million and a price of $17,599. The original owner entered the market for $850,000 in 2003. He held the goods for 16 years and earned $4.5 million, an increase of 5.3 times.

The United States and the United States, Wu Huibin also said that there were only about 11 transactions in the Tung Chung Ying Wan Estate in the last month. However, the number of such transactions has been recorded since the beginning of this month. The increase is about 82%. During the period, there were three flats with a practical price of as low as about nine thousand. yuan.

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