Taikoo City trading 4.5 times investment accounted for 2 times

The government has a large number of mortgage-activated second-hand buildings

It is known as the “window of the property market". It has recorded 26 transactions in this month, accounting for 22 cases recorded after the policy address. The volume of investment surged 4.5 times. According to the agent, the proportion of investors in Taikoo City has reached 30%, and it has increased by 2 times on a monthly basis.

sales manager of the United States, said that Taikoo City recorded 22 transactions after the announcement of the policy address, which was 4.5 times higher than the fourth quarter

The housing market is less than 10 yuan under 10 million yuan. The buyer has speeded up the market. The latest transaction is the middle room B of Xiangyangge. It is practical 489 square meters, with a change of 8.388 million yuan, real 17153 yuan. According to the bank’s online valuation data, the unit’s valuation is 8.32 million yuan, and the cost is slightly higher than the valuation.

the assistant regional manager of the United States, added that investors have taken out the bamboo shoots

In the second half of the month, 22 trades were recorded. Investors accounted for about 30%, which was a two-fold increase from about 10% in September. For example, the middle floor of Room C of Yalian Pavilion has a tenancy unit, practical 897 square meters, the transaction price is 17.2 million yuan, the price is 19175 yuan, which is about 7% lower than the valuation; the other is the middle room B of the Xia Gongge, practical 580 square meters, the transaction price 11.68 million yuan, the price of 20138 yuan, about 3.5% lower than the valuation.

Wu Jinji, the director of Zhongyuan Senior Division, said that the high-rise room G, SAVANNAH 2A, Tseung Kwan O, is a practical 312 square squad, which was sold out at 6.47 million yuan. It is a new high of 20,737 yuan in a house, which is 4.4% higher than the upstairs unit. . The original business hosted the goods for 3 years, and the book earned 2.433 million or about 60%.

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