Taiwan plans to promote mobile phone number cross-bank transfer service

Hong Kong Wenhui News According to China News Service, Yang Jinlong, president of the Taiwan regional bank

announced yesterday that he has urged the financial company to work with the bank to plan a mobile phone number cross-bank transfer service to enhance the mobile payment experience and to use the mobile phone number on the ATM. Complete the transfer.

Yang Jinlong mentioned in the financial information system financial conference annual meeting that the people used bank transfer to remember the status of the account

and pointed out that in recent years, the world has successively launched the use of the recipient’s mobile phone number as the identification information of interbank transfer, the bank also The financial company has been urged to work with the bank to plan mobile phone number interbank transfer services.

He explained that the current payment systems of Taiwan’s electronic payment and ticketing agencies are closed systems and that inter-agency transfers cannot be made. In order to comply with international trends, the authorities have developed to open the inter-institutional exchange of funds, electronic payment and The ticket institution is the direct participant of the financial company system.

Yang Jinlong also believes that in the foreseeable future, cash will not disappear

As long as there is still demand for cash, banks will have obligations to provide according to their duties. In order to improve the mobile payment layout, it is also necessary for a non-bank payment institution to join the QR code common standard to be complete.

It is understood that there are already banks that test their own mobile phones for self-transfer. According to the plan of the financial company, banks can transfer money by mobile phone number as long as they participate. Not only mobile Internet Banking can transfer money by mobile phone number, but ATM can also be applied, but system adjustment is still needed.

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