Yaojue Taiwan silver main price set at 1998 million

The urban high-quality project has been highly sought after by users

Among them, He Wentian Yaojue’s mid-level unit has an area of ​​982 square meters. The newly-launched silver merchants launched a market auction in the form of Jiaoji. The opening price was 98 million yuan, and the price was about 20346 yuan, slightly lower. The market price is about 5%.

The unit that was auctioned was why the second floor of No. 2A, Earl Street, Man Tin, had an area of ​​982 square feet. The opening price was 198,000 and the price was about 20,346 yuan. It will be launched by the Central Asia Auction House on the 2nd of next month. On the same day, there were also 10 property auctions involving various properties such as shops and industrial buildings.

The main unit of the silver is divided into 3 bedroom suites, which break into the house, that is, see the wide and long hall, the partition is practical, the whole house is light-colored, the wooden floor is equipped with a light-colored wall, and the large-scale floor-to-ceiling glass is used at the same time. The window welcomes a wide view and shows a noble style.

The two dining rooms are distinct and spacious, with flexible furniture

The dining room is connected to the terrace and introduces natural light to provide a panoramic view of the city and a mountain view. The wooden floor is finished with a light white wall and extends from the dining room to the living room for a warm and comfortable living atmosphere.

The kitchen is designed with an “L" shaped workbench to increase the flexibility of the kitchen. It is also equipped with multiple sets of kitchen cabinets to hide the cabinets and shelves in the cabinet panels for a simple visual effect. The storage space is very plentiful and all kinds of cooking utensils are complete.

In terms of the master room, it is practical to open, even if the standard double bed is placed, it can be placed on three sides and has a large screen-like window to enhance the space of the room. In terms of color, the theme of light color is also echoed with the dining room, which is soft and warm.

Three bedroom suite interval

Ho Man Tin District has always been a traditional pure residential area with private residences and a quiet environment. The estate has only about 14 units, most of which are large units. It is also home to 34 schools and is close to famous universities. It is an ideal place to nurture the next generation of elites.

The housing facilities are complete, providing a clubhouse and a wide range of facilities, including swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, fitness rooms, activity rooms and many other sports and entertainment facilities to cater to the needs of different people.

In terms of living facilities, there are a number of shopping malls nearby, offering a wide range of restaurants, livelihood stores, supermarkets, markets and entertainment stores. For traffic, the estate is adjacent to the MTR Mong Kok East Station. There are also many buses and minibus routes. For community health facilities, there are playgrounds in the area.

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